Sunday, March 1, 2009

Second colors of... winter?

Last night around midnight we were wakened by the sound of frozen rain pelting our windows. This morning we awoke to a wintry wonderland. Everything was bright white and covered in snow. Most of the dogs really enjoyed the snow, except for Daisy. She didn't mind it, but she wasn't as excited about it as everyone else. Scrappy, Speedbump and Charlie were especially fired up by the snow. They ran and ran and ran some more, crouching low in the snow to stalk and pounce on each other. They seemed to have great fun with it. We got some very nice photos of the day. Church services were cancelled so that nobody would feel obligated to get on the slick roads and maybe have an accident, so I got a little extra time this morning to read my Bible, have some sausage balls and several cups of hot Columbian coffee. Of course the Sunday afternoon nap is almost mandatory at our house, so after all of the excitement, we all settled in for a short nap. Well, most of us took a short nap. Me personally, I racked out for almost four hours...yawn!

The snow began to melt a bit during the afternoon, but it's below freezing tonight, so things should be slick for the morning commute. No NASCAR type moves during the commute out of me tomorrow, I'd better get up and leave early so that I can take my time.

I hope y'all had a blessed weekend! God sure is kind and good to us!

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YD said...

Very nice pictures! The dogs looked like they had so much fun playing in the snow! I love watching my dogs play in the snow.