Monday, August 20, 2012

Population growth in the holler...

We have been blessed with a precious new neighbor (we can see her house in the winter!) So, naturally, I wanted to get after sewing her a blanket from us. I had recently received some material from an estate and there were all the making for a Dutch Doll style quilt. I put an applique on the back that the previous quilter had hand-stitched with the tiniest most perfect stitches.

This last weekend JP decided he wanted to make more sausage so we made Brats and Andouille sausages. The Andouille were smoked.

Last night, we boiled some of the Brats in beer and water then JP grilled them to perfection. We had them on hot dog buns with mustard, onions and peppers. Delish!!

 I hope all is well with you all. I'm off to visit your posts. Blessings from the holler...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi, my name is Mrs. JP...

I feel like I should re-introduce myself because I've been gone from blog world a while. This new format (I held out until the bitter end) is taking some getting used to but I'll press on.

What have I been doing? Well, nothing of significance, or I should say nothing out of the ordinary. Just the same grand old thing, but isn't the everyday stuff important? Laundry - that's important; errands - those are important, and cleaning the house - also, important but not a high priority unless there's company coming then it's all hands on deck!!

Here's the news - I got new glasses so I bumped around (quite literally) the grocery store getting used to them. I'm getting accustomed to progressive lenses, we won't call them bi-focals, okay? I really like them, now I have all my vision needs in one pair of glasses. I was so distracted on the way home - looking at trees, grass, animals, and the clouds,,,oh my,,,I am a cloud gazer from way back. I'm sure glad I have auto-pilot in my truck and it brings me home safely. Just kidding, JP, I pay strict attention to the roads always :)

The pack? They are laying around staying cool. Charlie is always within eye-shot of me, his new nickname is Chuck. Speedbump is usually found laying over an air-vent. Daisy, our oldest, is still up for stick game whenever Charlie is ready. Scrappy is a spoiled brat but is so cute she gets away with much. Corrie and Violet, our "sisters", are doing very well.

JP, you are doing good too right? He's been filling in as Sunday School teacher some and doing a great job. I get to do what I love and play the piano at church. I just remembered, last week, to thank my mom for persevering with me and making me practice while learning to play. It is such a joy and really a friend to me now.

Our garden is pathetic. I started some tomato plants and between the drought and my lack of attention to them we're down to only four plants. That's giving us enough to have for slicing which was my goal. Usually, a couple at church brings in produce to share and we get to sample theirs too.

I've been working on a "block of the month" quilting project which has been fun. This is it so far.

Oh, JP and I love baseball and cheer the Atlanta Braves on most every game from the comfort of our T.V. Go Braves!

That's about it; you are officially caught up on the not-so-much news. Blessings to you all from the holler.

P.S. in case there are no paragraph breaks,,please forgive. When I "previewed" this post it was all smooshed up.  (JP skillz to the rescue! ;o)