Monday, March 25, 2013

I can't believe it's already end of March...

This year is flying by!  It was snowing just a little this morning in the holler so Speedbump was very happy about that.  All the pack have had a really good play time and are in for their nap.  There is no better behaved dog than a tired dog.

Last week I sent off this quilt to our god-daughter and niece in Washington for her baby boy.  I really cut it close this time.  He was born yesterday!

It seems kind of "off" with the weather being so cold, but I guess it's time to get the hummingbird nectar out.  I always put it out end of March for the early guests we have.  We usually see some in April here.  I'm sure they'd appreciate some food out---I know I would!

Last week I remembered that we still had elderberries in the freezer from last year and made jelly.  I got 3 pints and a little for the refrigerator to sample.  Well, that's the latest news from the holler.

We hope that you worship our Risen Lord this coming Sunday and have a blessed Easter.  Blessings from the holler...