Friday, February 27, 2009

First colors of spring

Spring is around the corner! Charlie and I had a great walk to the mailbox today; he practiced "stay" while I took pictures. I love and appreciate evergreens because they really get me through gray winter but there is nothing like spring.

It gives me a feeling of excitement about what will be. There are buds on trees that will be beautiful red bud flowers or dogwood blooms. All around you can see little plants coming up and getting ready for the big show.
I can hardly wait.

Looking down the road
and by the creek are the first blooms we have around here - buttercups.

Oh, the cows next door say helloooo.

Have a great and blessed weekend,,,


JP said...


YD said...

Look at Charlie sitting pretty for you! What a good boy!
Oh ya, moo to you too! :)

Lena said...

Moo back at you from the next state over!
Are you getting the same rain, sleet and snow (maybe) that we are getting? I hope those daffodils survive!
Oh.....and "Good Boy, Charlie!" you look wonderful.