Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodnight Sweethearts......

Last night I looked into our bedroom at Violet's doggie bed she has at the end of our bed and all I saw was her feet. She pins my side of the covers down in her bed, usually, but last night she was under the covers which cracked me up. So here's Violet yawning.
Her sister, Corrie, sleeps on a pillow in the den.
Scanning around the den you'll see Daisy in my chair. We tried putting books in the chair but she just jumps up and knocks them out so I decided it's not an important battle and I just drape a sheet over it at night so I won't have major dog hair to clean. She's the queen bee.
As you can tell we're still trying to keep the futon ready for company but Scrappy jumps up and gets behind the books (our current fencing technique - not really working) to sleep there until she gets cold or lonely and then she jumps in bed with us and hogs the covers.
Speedbump sleeps, as curled up as she can be, on my side of the bed. So when I get up I have to be really careful. I've just noticed a trend here. Violet pins down the bottom edge of my covers, Speedbump lays on my side, Scrappy takes my covers, Daisy is in my chair - what's the deal? It sounds like the story of the three bears only mama bears stuff is what's "just right."

Last is Charlie, he's the sleepy head of the bunch. He loves his kennel and around 8-8:30 he starts giving us the nudge which means "I'm ready for bed now." He feels so safe in there, I guess, because he is not happy until the door is closed. We've tried just letting him go in there to sleep because he's house trained but he wants the door closed. So whatever, right?

May you catch all the rabbits you chase in your dreams!
Where do your pets sleep? Have a great week.


JP said...

Wow! That camera flash sure does light things up! You can't tell it, but it was pretty dark in the house when Mrs. JP was sneaking around taking these pictures...

Lena said...

Lol - So I suppose we'll never see that picture she sneaked of JP sleeping? Does he steal the covers too? :-)
My favorite has to be Daisy in the chair. They all look so comfortable though and it's great to see they all have found their own spots.
In our house, my 2 cats steal space in the bed at night. In fact, my fiance was just complaining about it this morning! :-)

Mrs. JP said...

Yea, I'm pretty sure there won't be a picture of scrappy in the bed with us. No,,JP doesn't steal the covers but he does pin them down and I have to wake up and pull them or push him...either works :O)

YD said...

This is funny! Like Lena, my favorite is Daisy in the chair. Second to that is Scrappy. She just did't care about the books around her.
You are right, you have to be careful when you wake up, especially in the middle of the night. Never know who's where.
June likes to start out on our bed, usually in between us and when she is ready to really go to sleep, she would jump off and sleep on their blanket(it was our King size comforter that the dogs tore up, so now it's a doggy blanket). Samantha usually just stays on the floor, sometimes on their blanket sometimes not.

YD said...

I wonder if you guys do like The Waltons and say good night to everyone.

Mrs. JP said...

Ya know, we sorta do. Most everyone gets a goodnight scratch behind the ear or pat on the head.