Monday, April 29, 2013

Look who came to the feeder last week...

Last Wednesday was not a special day; it was one of those ordinary days when one goes about life and does the ordinary things.  It was a rainy day,  I'd just come home from a wonderful Bible study but had a headache and intended to "get warm and comfortable" and then relax because I had been going at full speed since the day before and it had caught up with me.  God had other plans...another way to chill me out and bless me through and through with the wonder of His creation.  He gave me a parade!!!

 Like I said, I intended to warm up so I was putting some water on for tea and looked out my kitchen window and there, on our bird feeder, sat a handsome male Rose-breasted Grosbeak!!!  He looked like he was dressed in a tuxedo and ready for his date.  My plans went out the window (literally) and I ran to get the camera.  I shucked on my crocs and was prepared to stand on our back steps until he came back..praying he would come back.  So, here are the pictures I got...I saw so much more but was unable to focus the camera since I am out of practice but I stood there freezing and having such a good time.  At one point there were all the primary colors on the feeder,,,a yellow American Gold Finch,,,Blue, Indigo Bunting,,,and a red Cardinal!   Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that.  That was just for me to see I guess.  I believe that God knew I needed encouragement and He knows exactly what I love...I love Him for that.

This is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak -he did come back!

An Indigo Bunting and that's either a purple finch or a house finch (I can't tell them apart)

One of our many lilac bushes blooming now.

 So, like I said last week, sunshine was at a premium.  This sun puddle is clearly being hogged by Scrappy and poor Corrie is only getting her rear-end warmed--I thought that was a clear indication of just how spoiled a certain someone is in the pack.

We are so thankful for God's creation.  Blessings to you all from the holler..

Friday, April 19, 2013

As time goes by...

Well, I really don't have much to say this post.  I have some pictures of blooms of spring to share.  I took these April 10th so Spring has really sprung since they were taken.  But,,here goes...
  Our crab-apple tree is lovely this year and the birds are enjoying it too.

I had to take another picture of the forsythia bush before it turned green.  Oh, we have bluebird babies in the birdhouse there!

The peach trees are blooming.  JP did a good job pruning them this year; I kind of hacked them up last year so he had some repair work to do.  I had to get the shot of the blooms against the solid blue sky (get me being artsy,,haha.)

 I know I take a picture of this almost every year but I love that God left us with beautiful weeds!  In a couple of sections of our yard there are these beautiful purple wild pansy looking flower/weeds.  I love them.

So, the pack gathered to watch me as I tromped all around the yard taking pictures; Charlie was the most concerned since he feels he must go everywhere I go.  I tried to get all six in one picture...

But Speedbump wanted to say a special hello I guess.  I love that face.  She's my beauty.

I pray you all have a safe weekend and blessings from the holler...

Monday, April 1, 2013


These pictures are late.  The snow happened last week but, hey, a week late is really not bad for my track record.  Anyway, there was just a small percentage forecast (we usually believe it when we see it) so when I opened the door Monday (I think that's the day,,,like I say it was a week ago) and saw this little bit on the ground I knew the dogs would enjoy it very much.  They did!  Well, all except for Corrie and Violet, they don't "do" cold.  Oh, let me explain the picture above.  The five gallon bucket inverted above has an old plastic tray with a rock inside to hold it down.  That is our water bowl for the birds.  They really like hanging out in the forsythia and jumping down to get water there.  It's not pretty but it does work.  Pretty soon we'll have other flowers blooming but for now I love that explosion of yellow!  Okay, now back to the dogs at play in the snow.

Scrappy went hunting for mice along the fence line.  I know, ewwwww.

Speedbump just was enjoying the bliss of freezing cold wind and snow.  This is her kind of weather.  Fun fact,,,her face and butt are facing north--into the wind.

AND,,,last but not least,,it's not a day in the holler if we don't have "stick game."  This just happens to be a bonus "snowy stick game."

Daisy says,,,mom,,,Charlie won't share the stick!  He never, ever, ever shares the stick. 

Have a great week to you all.  Blessings to you all from the holler...