Monday, March 29, 2010

Names in review...

On the last post, MAXMOM asked about one of our dogs' name, so I decided to tell the story of the whole pack. Believe it or not this is the short version. Got something to drink? Ready? Okay.

Daisy is the oldest member of our pack and is the only one that is not a rescue. We got her from a German Shepherd breeder when we lived in Florida. She has been through obedience and security training. When we got her we decided on the name Daisy after the Granny character in the show "The Beverly Hillbillies."
The next oldest is Speedbump. She is probably a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix. She is our first rescue since we moved back to Tennessee. JP and I moved back to Tennessee because he was laid off due to a merger of companies and elimination of his job. He is a systems analyst/programmer. Those jobs were hard to come by when we moved, so he did yard work for a while to pay our bills. JP was headed out to work one morning in his old pick up truck and noticed traffic swerving ahead of him. There was a little puppy in the middle of the road. JP stopped his truck in front of her and got out (thinking she was probably dead) and realized she was hurt and too weak to move. He scooped her up, took her to the vet to "do whatever they could for her," and went on to work. He got a call from the Vets office saying she was okay, just bruised and dehydrated. So he called me where I was working, told me the story, and to meet him at the Vets office. Of course, we both knew we were keeping the poor little thing. We named her Speedbump because she was indeed slowing down traffic when JP found her. I say all her bravery must have spilled out on the highway that day because she is so chicken. She barks, but only to alert Daisy to the problem!

Okay, who is next? Scrappy. JP looked and looked for jobs in his field of expertise but what he saw in the classified ads were nursing and truck driving jobs. God opens doors and leads us where He wants us and the next place He wanted JP was in a truck. Looking back, I don't know how he/we did it but God gives us the strength and grace for each day. JP was on the road from Sunday evening to Friday night (at best) each week and sometimes gone for two weeks at a time. I started looking for a little dog to ride with him to keep him company - some comfort. I found Scrappy at the Shelter one county north of us. She is just the right size and has the same coloring of a dog we had when we first got married so I got her for him. As JP says,
"The dog shelter had named her Molly, but we didn't really like that name for her. She is a rather wild looking wire haired Jack Russell terrier. The first thing she did when we brought her home was to tangle with the largest and toughest dog we have, Daisy. After breaking up the fight, putting her in submissive state (on her back) while the other dogs paraded over her, which is a good method of teaching the newer pack members that the humans are alpha in the pack and that they are not permitted to do battle for that position, we decided we should name her Scrappy, because she looked scrappy and had a scrappy attitude.
She was such a blessing to have with me in the truck. She was always just as excited to go back out on the road as she was to come home and see Mrs. JP. She was also great for public relations. I would be dealing with a grouchy security guard or receiving clerk, and then they would spot her looking cute in the truck window and their whole demeanor toward me would change."

Corrie's story is this; on December 1, 2006 five puppies came up to our house. They were bones with skin on. I remember the date because I was getting dressed for a Christmas choir and had to leave. Before I left, the puppies had sought out shelter under one of our sheds which was good since it was going to be in the teens that night. I fixed up a big bowl of soft food and threw a bale of straw on the north side to block off the wind. That was the best I could do since they wouldn't come to me and I had to leave. The next morning we went outside and they were gone. A little while later we were looking out the front window and I saw a little black dog running down the road. I got two pieces of cheese and a leash and jumped in the car. When I caught up with her she practically took my hand off to get to the cheese, she was starving and cold. I got her home and we kept her separate from the pack because she had skin problems and I wanted the vet to check her out. Sure enough, she had mange. So she had to be "dipped" once a week for six-eight weeks but it went away. She is named Corrie after Corrie Ten Boom, the holocaust survivor. Her book The Hiding Place, was one of my favorites growing up.
Corrie - all bones.
Corrie all healthy and happy.
Corrie's sister was rescued and cared for by our neighbor. Her name is Violet. Now, you'd think a dog named Violet would be sweet and gentile - NOT!! She was named Violet because she was (and still is) rowdy as a puppy. We adopted Violet. She is a sweety and fits right in.

Last but not least is Charlie. Momma's boy! If you have time please go and read Charlie's story because JP really does tell it best. When we got him his name was Charlie. I like the name because it was Humphrey Bogart's name in African Queen with Katharine Hepburn and that's one of my all time favorite movies.
Baby Charlie.

Well, MAXMOM, you asked about Speedbump's name and got more than you bargained for!! That's the story of the whole gang. That's it, no more, we are at full capacity! There is NO ROOM in the inn! We are blessed beyond words and so very thankful. Blessings to you all from the little dog shelter in the holler.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New life of spring...

The other day it was beautiful outside so I took the camera out with me to see what I could see. We have so many things starting to grow in our yard. Here in the holler we get blooms about one month after others in our own county. I don't know why that is but it's a fact. Anyway, here are some of the things starting to show here. The above picture is a weed but it's a pretty colored weed. Don't you think?

Blueberry bush.

Is this a butter cup or a daffodil?

Peach tree blooms and beautiful blue sky!
Then I came in and brushed Speedbump until my arms gave out. She does look nice.

Have a great weekend and blessings to all of you from the holler.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So here's the stick game...

The stick game goes like this; Charlie picks up the stick and Daisy barks at him and sometimes tries to take it away. They will do this for hours. Most of the time I have to make them stop before my ears bleed from Daisy barking and barking and barking. That's what she loves to do more than anything-bark - bark - bark! When I'm working in the other part of the yard and pick up a fallen limb or stick they are glued to the fence and you can see it on their collective faces - Throw it,,,THROW IT!!!
I don't know why the video is outside the column like that - oh well,,,enjoy.
Happy games to you and yours. Blessings from the holler.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Let the sun shine in...

This morning I couldn't help but take a few pictures of the gang soaking up the sunshine (I think I did this last year too.) Most mornings Scrappy gets in my new chair with me and she looks out the front window to make sure nothing is moving around the front yard that she might need to bark at. This morning she found the sunshine and as she stood there she started getting sleepy. It's hard to sleep standing up so she jumped down on the floor where the others had staked their claim on the sun as well. Since I've seen these pictures, the next job in my spring cleaning will be my windows - sorry!

She doesn't care if I take pictures of her from behind.
Who could not love that face? I'd say that I'm sorry for shooting the picture into the sun but I was so happy the sun was shining I lost my head for a minute there.

Speedbump taking her morning nap in the sun.

Violet, who doesn't like to get her picture taken.

Corrie can't get enough warm sun rays. She'll be doing this in August.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. It's officially the first day of spring tomorrow - yee haw!! Blessings from the holler to you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful and Glorious...

That's how I'd describe this day. My mom came over and we went for a walk up the back hill. I got a little weeding done. My garden seeds are germinating. Life is certainly good and we are blessed beyond measure. I want to post this video to show you three bucks that have been visiting us regularly in our back yard. They pretty much ignore the dogs now which drives Daisy and Scrappy nuts. The nerve! Before you watch the video, however, I want to apologize for my lack of video talent. I was walking while filming and it might make you sea sick. So while the subject is great, the video is not :O) but I hope you enjoy it anyhow.

Spring has sprung, God is good, we are blessed. Blessings to you all from the holler.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You will never guess...

I was told by my sweet mother-in-law that she was purchasing a cameo (which I dearly love) for me. She told me where I could visit it online until she got it out of lay-away. I put the picture on my background and visited with it everyday. Now I have it in my very own hands and it is breath taking. The lady that is an expert in them has a wonderful website at cameo heaven. This cameo is of Jesus with His crown of thorns carved in the 1880's.

I started my fascination with cameos quite a few years back when my mom gave me a bracelet of cameos. Since then I've bought a few but nothing like this one and I got it just in time for Easter. ***Squeal!!*** I told JP that I don't know how I'll ever get the nerve to wear it; I'm afraid I'll lose it. Maybe I'll superglue it to my arm.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday MAX...

About a month ago we became friends with Max and his mom. He's a wonderful dog that lives in South Africa. Today is his 10th birthday and it's a very special day because he is very sick. But, you wouldn't know it to look at him; you should go by and see his blog,
The Adventures of Maxdog in South Africa, and say Happy Birthday to him. We are celebrating each day of your special graces with you and especially today your birthday.

We hope you have a great day with Tammy and King Toffee. Maybe Mom will make you a cake!

Special love and birthday wishes from the holler to MAXDOG!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guess what Charlie and I found...

Today, Charlie and I did some basic obedience reinforcement. He's such a big guy and wants to please as GSD's do but, he's a goof and needs to remember how to behave. Anyway, we were walking up the hill, Charlie at my side really trying to pay attention, and we saw a few crocuses! I got so excited just seeing a real live bloom. We hurried (Charlie likes it when we hurry) back down the hill and I put him in the "dog yard" while I got the camera to go BACK up the hill to get pictures. Are we understanding that I got my cardio workout for the day? I needed it.
It's amazing how seeing a few little flowers in the yard can liven up an afternoon!

On my way back to the house Speedbump wanted me to take her picture and say hi from her.

The stick game goes ever on.

Scrappy looks like she's giving the stink eye but she's just focused on Spaceghost at my feet.

Spring time blessings from the holler.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Chubby Chicks 2nd edition...

I'm so excited for spring to be here I just about can't stand it!! I've put out my bunny in a cabbage bowl that my Aunt gave me. She made this little bowl when I was six and I remember her serving coleslaw in it at family gatherings. One day, a few years ago, I was at her house and started going on and on about it and she plucked it off of her shelf and said "here, you take this home." I just about fell over because in my mind it is an heirloom but I love it and I love her. She is the one who gave me the quilting bug. Now, on to my latest Chubby Chicks table topper. I finished it today and took it to my mom. These little cuties are so easy to do and I got the template thanks to Lea at Farmhouse Blessings. Thanks again, Lea.

This past weekend was beautiful. The sun was out and so were we. JP trimmed a red-bud tree that was getting a bit wild, pruned our peach trees and cut up a dead tree that fell during one of our windy winter storms.

Blessings to you all from the holler.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The latest...

This morning the dogs are all doing the same thing they always do. Eat, go outside, come back inside, out,,,in,,,,it's what I do. I'm the keeper of the door. I went by the back door a couple of times and I saw Daisy and Charlie looking at the cow pasture in the same direction (at least that's what I thought at the time.) I decided that was photo worthy, got the camera and took the picture. While I took the picture I realized they were looking up not out. They had Spaceghost up that tree. You can see him in the top of the photo; barely. So I called those two knuckle heads in and he got out of the tree and walked away. Spaceghost, our cat, is a good sport. He is friends with all the dogs except Daisy. She just doesn't know how to be friends with him and wants to chase him. He can usually avoid her but today she must've cornered him so he had to go UP!
Also, our herbs have sprouted and I am so pleased. Next week I'll be starting the tomato and pepper plants.
Basil and Thai Basil.
Cilantro and Oregano.
Blessings from the holler!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Now if I could only teach him to do dishes...

Well here's my first attempt to upload our own video. Please excuse the quality of the video. As I was telling Charlie to do his thing I was holding the other five dogs back with my leg, thus the shaky camera action! JP, as usual, was key in getting this video on the PC. Thanks honey.

"Bring me the bowl Charlie."

Ta Daaa! Blessings to you all.