Saturday, March 8, 2014

Who's a good listener?

Who's a good listener?  Charlie is, and apparently Violet too.  

Although, Charlie's attention span might be a tad longer than Violet's. haha. I had just charged the battery on our camera and was going to put it in it's case.  Charlie was following me as he does 24/7.  I heard something on the T.V. and repeated it.  JP, was watching the three stooges, so it might have been something like "wise guy huh!"  I don't really remember what I said, just that sweet expression on his face.  It's one I see all day because Charlie is truly devoted to me and listens to my every word and follows my moves and expressions.  What a blessing he is, although sometimes I turn around and he runs into me because I put the brakes on and he doesn't. haha. That gets on my nerves!  But then I see this look and I can't stay upset for a minute.

In other news from the holler, JP made a delicious Paella.  It was our first and it was delicious.

I pray you are well and staying close to The Lord of all.  Blessings from the holler...