Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Do you remember the story of Corrie, the dog we rescued from the little puppy pack that ran up our driveway back in December 2006? We just assumed that Corrie was the only one of that little group of pups that was still hanging around in the holler, but we were wrong! Her sister Violet took up residence at our neighbors' house (we can only see their house in the winter so it's not like they're right next door). My neighbor and I were talking one day and we were comparing recent events when we discovered that Violet had stopped at their house the same day we found Corrie. She did her best to fit in and make friends there, but as I and my neighbor friend (fellow dog lover and rescuer) talked, it became apparent that it wasn't working out for them. We agreed to let Violet live with us so that we could house train her, and they would work on finding her a good home. It didn't go much farther than that because she couldn't get anyone to bite on adopting a mixed breed, and before long we didn't really want her to. Corrie and Violet were family and had been through so much together it seemed a shame to break up the little family again. They knew they were sisters from the get go. She and Violet even clean each other's ears!! That must be something they learned in the wild because those two have the cleanest ears of the pack and I do nothing - the ultimate wet willie!!!!! So she became a permanent part of the pack (like she wasn't already - who am I kidding, right?). It's pretty cool because even though Corrie is like a Labrador mix and Violet is a Shepherd mix, they have the same white markings on their chest and the same white front left paw. I know, aawwww :)

She loves to play hard so we sometimes call her Violent, but she is really a sweetie. She has soulful eyes that just suck you right in and the sweetest demure disposition when she wants to. However, she also is a sock thief (only mine, not JP's) and a dirty kleenex junkie, but we can live with that and she knows not to do these things but sometimes she can't help it. This past summer and fall we had the opportunity of taking care of JP's mom and Violet became her constant companion. She slept under her hospital bed in our spare bedroom, and eventually we moved a real dog bed in there for her. Oh sure at first it was for the scraps of food that fell off the bed but my mother-in-law loves dogs as much as we do so they were best friends. When she went home she said she wanted to put Violet in her suitcase and take her home. We didn't let that happen. Violet IS home!


YD said...

Mixbreeds need loving too! They are mutts because of the humans.

I'm glad Violet is part of your family. She is adorable. I see the same markings on her and Corrie!

Lena said...

What a wonderful warms my heart. Violet looks so happy being with Corrie. :-)
You are wonderful people for bringing her into your family!

MAXMOM said...

...and the story of your wonderful 'rescuing' natures continues! How wonderful that the two of them are together. You guys sure are doggie-angels of note!
I am so, so inspired by your stories!
Sending lotsaluv