Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's new...

Since it's been such a dreary winter I think it would be a good thing to share any signs of life and spring.
I intentionally shocked our Christmas cactus late so we'd have flowers in gray winter. At Christmas there's enough color and so much distraction that this little plant might have been ignored had it bloomed during December. So what started out as four beautiful blooms ended up as one. So that makes it extra special. I've really appreciated it's vibrant color and those little petals look like they are being stretched they are open so wide.

Today, I started some herb seeds inside. I even pulled out my new summer garden hat (I'll have to wear since my skin has gone loco) and put it nearby to remind me that spring is just around the corner. Have you started planning your garden or started any plants inside?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Grateful for each day...

What a beautiful weekend we had here. The temperatures were mild and the sun was out! Today is cloudy but that's alright, we can't have sun every day. JP took this picture of the remains of my snowman.

Yesterday morning I looked out on our front porch at a planter that I filled with Pansies and behold, there were flowers!! I couldn't believe it and had to take a couple of pictures. After all the snow and frost heaped on these plants they were blooming. I was just so happy to see these little signs of plant life. Why are they call Pansies when they are so tough?

Yesterday afternoon, Spaceghost found a sunny spot on the bales of straw and took a nap.

Today I'm ordering the seeds I need for spring planting. I can hardly wait. We are grateful for the blessings of each day and send blessings to you from the holler.
As an addendum to this post I'd like to explain our cat's name if I can. When he came to us via drop off he was almost white on his body with a dark head and feet (oh and blue crossed eyes) so we thought that reminded us of Spaceghost. Space ghost was a comic and then in the '90's had a T.V. show called Spaceghost coast to coast. Maybe these pictures will job your memory!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have you ever Curled?

Curling is my new favorite Olympic sport. It's like bowling, target practice and swiffer sweepers combined. And they yell (in support or direction, I'm not sure) at their team mates. That part I like to watch but let me tell you it wouldn't go over well if I was on the team. I don't do well with yelling. But back to Curling, I like to imagine how it got started in medieval Scotland. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Just hanging out, outside on a frozen pond, sweeping rocks.

In case you haven't seen this sport here's a good video. I have no idea what they're saying but you'll get the idea.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are we in a snow globe?...

Yesterday, I went out and made a little snowman. Now that's out of my system and I can stay inside until we run out of food and I have to go into town. When my family first moved here from Florida we really enjoyed the snow. This picture is of a snowman my mom and I made. It must have been warmer that day because look at me I don't even have a coat on. My mom is dressed for winter so maybe I was just being a teenager and trying to look cool. Now compare my snowman to the one we made. Not as good huh? My mom is much more creative than me.

He is smiling.

Of course, the dogs enjoyed watching me. In this picture, Charlie has his stick. It's frozen and covered in snow but he doesn't care. Scrappy is at the top patrolling the fence to make sure no critters get past her.
This wintry winter will make the spring so much more appreciated. Blessings from the snowy holler to you all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feeling a little nosey...

I was feeling a little nosey, so I thought I

would look in on you and see if you're sitting

at your computer and if you're OK.

Yup, there you are and you look great!

Have a great day !!!

We got more snow in the holler today but I have to wait until my camera battery charges up.

Blessings from the holler

Friday, February 12, 2010

To The Top...

In this wonderful place we live, God has blessed us with 3 acres of cleared land and 2 acres of nothing but steep hill and trees. My brother urged me to make a trail to the top and so I work on it when I can. Mostly, the deer have done it for me. It's not a straight up cliff but it's steep enough that we have to zig zag to the top and use a walking stick. Today, I went for a walk to the top. I always carry my phone because no one could find me if I fall (I'm pretty clumsy.)
Of course, I walk by the dog yard as I leave and they're all wondering "why can't I go?" Well, maybe not Corrie, she doesn't want to leave her yard :O)

This is the view from the top of our yard.

The beginning of the trail.
Up a little further.

At the top looking towards our house. You can barely make it out. Actually, maybe not.

This wonderful view is the reward for the hike up the hill.

When I come back down the hill the dogs act like I've been gone forever. The stick game goes ever on
and the Spaceghost says he's hungry.
Happy Valentines Day and Blessings from the holler to you and yours.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chubby Chicks...

I saw these little chicks on a quilt on Farmhouse Blessings. I got the template and this is what I came up with. It's a spring table topper. Of course, I'll be making more. I think on the next one I'll do yo-yo flowers or a tulip applique. We'll see what I come up with. I love to use up scraps and this reminds me of spring so that's a win-win for me. Thanks for the template Lea.
Blessings from the holler.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Play...

Today I'd like to show you some of the pictures taken during our "snow event." We enjoyed the snow but not as much as the dogs as you will see. It's like they all turned into puppies while the snow was just fallen and light. After the "wintry mix" fell that night it wasn't as much fun to run in. Charlie made the best by laying with a chunk of snow/ice between his paws and enjoying his very own snow cone.

These two pictures are of Charlie and Daisy catching snow flakes on their tongues.

Go Speedbump Go!!

Super Scrappy.

Charlie trying to out maneuver Violet.

Corrie was not as amused as the others. Pensive huh? It looks like she's thinking "I'd rather be inside in my warm house - isn't this what I came here to escape!"

Charlie is running like a Tennessee Walking horse. He's just uncovered his beloved stick.

Our oldest, Daisy, running like a pup.

JP and I walked down to mail off a movie and see the creek.

Home, sweet snowy home in the holler.

Blessings to you and yours.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Event...

That's right, last week the weather lady said "blah, blah, blah, this snow event" in her forecast for the weekend. That caught my attention and I commented to JP "it's gonna be AN EVENT" being sarcastic, of course. All that to say, she was right, it was an event. We got 6-8 inches of snow on Friday then that night we got "wintry mix" and then on Saturday a little more snow. The weather people here must do some kind of touchdown dance when they are right in our area because it's so hard to predict what these storms will do.

Anyway, we had fun and the dogs really had fun. I'm gonna do a couple of posts because we took lots of pictures. Today, we'll feature pre-snow play.
They never get tired of the stick game and look like they've been dusted with powdered sugar.

Here comes Scrappy. She is SO FAST!! It looks like she's flying.

One of the first things Scrappy and Charlie did was catch a bird. So, we had to call everyone in (Charlie came in but Scrappy had to be made to drop her catch.) What is it with them catching birds lately? Are the birds slower in the winter? Then I had to suit up and trudge up the hill and throw dead little birdie over the fence. Of course, that was JP's chance to grab this wonderful picture of me (there were more pictures but really is this harassment necessary?!)

Wintry blessings from the holler!!