Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall in the holler...

Last week, before we had a really windy storm I got out and took a few pictures of our fall colors.  The morning that the rains came I ran out and gathered what I thought to be "the perfect" specimens that I could find.  I had fun standing under our big Sycamore tree while the rain misted.  Then, with my treasures, I put my head down and made my way up the hill to the house (hairdo trashed for the day, haha, but who cares)

The day before the storm.

My beautiful leaves spread out over the backside of two placemats.

  Isn't amazing how they differ in in size and color?  Our Creator didn't leave a boring place for us to live but beauty for us to enjoy and friends to share it with.  

You know, after all that, those trees didn't lose all their leaves.  Some trees did, sure. But the ones that are left are all the more beautiful for hanging on; at least, I think so!  Blessings to you all from the holler...