Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Springtime blessings...

I went outside today to enjoy our spring flowers. As I picked off the dead ones I was startled when.....Meoooowwww! Right in one of our Iris beds was laying Spaceghost, the cat, like he owns the place. So, that prompted the cutting of some flowers to make an arrangement. He'd already lain/laid (?) on them so I surely would not let these blooms be wasted. I usually put my bouquets on the kitchen counter since that's where I see them most but today I decided to grace our little "half moon" table.

See the blue picture above the table? We have a set of them. They are from JP's Granny's collection. This lady wrote the book on "eclectic." She and I had the same tastes though. She liked all kinds of different things and I am so happy that we have a few of her things. Each time I see the "cow creamer" or the "blue bird pictures" I think of her. It's because of one spoon rest that she gave us that I bought a whole collection of Blue Ridge Mountain Dishes to match!! She was a love.

Below is our granddaughter, honey girl. She is proudly wearing the "twirly skirt" I made for her out of my fabric stash.

Blessings to you all from the holler...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A couple of stories I forgot to share with you...

Today as I sat reading your blogs I thought that surely something has happened recently other than my thyroid issues and a stray dog! I mean, really, that can't be the only thing going on in the holler. So, I looked and found some pictures in our camera of a couple things I'd not put in the blogosphere.

We had a severe hail storm back in early March. We are currently dealing with contractors to replace one end of our house vinyl siding, the whole roof of our house and a storage building, etc. But that's not the story, that's life! I'm not saying it won't turn into a story,,,hahaha.

That said, I was out in the "dog's yard" after the storm getting ready to do our first and much needed mow of the year but I had to get all the limbs and sticks out of the yard first. I would walk along and throw sticks next to the fence, Charlie would then go and get as many as he could and bring them back to me. I laughed so hard. *side note* notice, in this picture, Scrappy is leaving us.

Then, of course, you know what happened...........STICK GAME!!!!!

So, I knew I wouldn't get anything done with this crew "helping" me and let them play. I decided to walk on up the fence line and see what was so interesting to Scrappy that she didn't want to play stick. What? It's a tunnel with several entrances. Can you see it? Sorry the picture doesn't do it justice.

She had her own little subway culminating in this huge mess right by the fence. All I could do at that point was plug up the deepest points with rocks, which we have in abundance on our property, to keep her from digging a hole under the fence. That done, I couldn't say that I'd cleaned up many sticks but I certainly had my cardio workout for the day carrying rocks up and down our hill!

On a much more peaceful note, another morning back in March I pulled up the shade in our den and saw this most beautiful sunrise. Again, the picture doesn't grasp the depth of color I saw. It took my breath away and all I could do was thank God for this beautiful way to start my day.

Blessings to you all from the holler...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just another update...

Irises are starting to bloom! Oh, that green bushy thing behind the irises and in front of the Japanese maple tree,,,,that's oregano! That stuff is going crazy. I have to pick and thin soon.

Also, I am so thankful that the radio-iodine pill I took has worked and my thyroid is now being chemically controlled :) I have been taking my first doses thyroid hormone for a week now and am feeling much better. I actually wore a sweater today! I haven't been cold in three years. Yeah!

All is well in the holler. Bluebirds are nesting, flowers are blooming and once again, God has shown Himself faithful. Blessings to you all...