Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little in common....

Scrappy and Speedbump have very little in common except their love for digging in the mud. Here you see them both after a round exploring and don't they look ashamed.
After her "half bath," Scrappy isn't speaking to me. She usually doesn't mind getting a bath but today I didn't use the blow dryer and give her the puffy Elvis collar look she likes so I guess that's why she's making me pay.
Speedbump is not ashamed until she gets inside and she's faking that only because she knows that I'm not letting her run and jump on the bed (regret vs. remorse.) She does jump in the tub (I'm grateful I don't have to force her big butt) and then gets rinsed off (I do love my little sprayer that's attached to the shower head) and out she goes. She doesn't hold a grudge like the little one.
Oh well, there's always the next time they get to go in about 30 minutes. Oh, rainy days are a vicious cycle of going out, getting wet and dirty, coming in getting dried off and spot cleaned best we can.


YD said...

You are right, they do look ashamed.
I hate rainy days. I'm glad I only 2 to clean up. You've got how many? 6!

Mrs. JP said...

yes, that makes 24 dirty paws going in and out!!

YD said...

I have a solution: put a tub of shallow water right in front of the door, that way they will have to walk through the water in order to get inside. The water in the tub will clean their muddy, I just have to come up with a drying solution...will let you know when I think of it. :)

Lena said...

Oh wow - I'm no longer going to be grumpy about the four I have to clean!!!
Gotta love that red, sticky clay we have though!

Mrs. JP said...

YD--I've thought of that and it sounds good but like you said then there's the drying - speedbumps paws hold water like a sponge LOL
Lena - my carpets will never be the same - I clean and clean but I'm afraid it's no use. Clay just won't come out.