Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Grand!.....

Grand kids and daughter-in-love, Grand dogs, Grand weather, Grand food, Grand weekend! It's so great to be a grandparent, all the privileges of parenthood only the fun factor is amped up big time. Our weekend began with JP whipping up two batches of bagels (yep we're still on that kick) one regular and one sun dried tomato bagel. Soooooo delicious.
Then our daughter-in-love and our granddaughter came over for a weekend visit. We cooked some more, watched movies, the girls went shopping, and played outside. We bought a little Easter dress that's just darling and took our little sweetie pie to this field of daffodils and blue bells and took pictures. We did this once about 3 years ago and got some great pictures and this time was no different.
On Sunday a.m. JP and little sweetie made biscuits. She likes to help in the kitchen. Really, she likes to be into what ever we're doing. She always feeds the birds when she's here - that's been her job since we moved here so she takes that pretty seriously. She is also a flower picking machine - I gave her an old tea pitcher and she combed the yard on dandelion patrol.
Our grand dog, Kimber, was here and she and Charlie ran and ran.
She's a bloodhound/slobber machine.

We packed so much into this weekend that I can't believe it's already almost over. But we had so much fun.
To sum it up it was GRAND!


Lena said...

What a lovely way to spend a weekend! Good food, a loving family, rambunctious dogs! :-)

YD said...

Your granddaughter is so adorable! I love that very first photo.
Ditto to what Lena said!