Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pet Shopping Galore!!

A friend of mine gave me this magazine and in the back were all kinds of advertisements. Here are some of the more interesting sites. Wow, I guess I knew pet owners are a target market but I didn't know the extent. Let us know some of your favorite pet products and web sites.

separation anxiety pal

It's a nice idea but I can tell you our dogs would have that thing in pieces before we got home. Maybe it would work for some more mild mannered ones.

animal portraits on tile, note cards,,,etc.

This person is so talented. I think the note cards are nice.

every kind of pet wall art and sticker

Oh man,,,you got a wall? They have the stickers to decorate it. I think the puppy stickers would go good in my granddaughters room.

A handbag web site -'d that get in here? I love purses, that's a fact.

Oh my,,,this site is for the diva dog!

If your dog eats to fast here's the bowl you need. I love the dogamonials. But you know they're really saying give me back my regular bowl - I gotta chow down!

pet fountain drinking solutions

OK,,,this is pretty neat. I like the 360° waterbowl - everybody drinks at once!

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