Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me and my shadow...

Do you know what your shadow looks like? I do!!! It looks just like this.

Yes, it's Charlie or Chuck as he's sometimes called. This charmer attaches himself to me with this invisible cord and goes everywhere I go. As I type this he's laying right behind my chair. It is very endearing but at times he gets on my last nerve and I turn and say "go away Charlie!" He never does go away though, he's just that loyal and/or needy. He might back up a step or two but when I make a move to go somewhere, anywhere, he's either in his self-imposed heel or right behind me. I'm talking when I stop walking I feel his nose touch the back of my knees.

Yep, there he is, following me wherever I go. You have to love a mug like that one, his breath could use a mint or two though :O) Blessings from all of us in the holler but Charlie says an especially close hello...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Before and After...

One of JP's old cassete tape holders.

Sewing Organizer.

Last weekend I walked by this empty cassette holder and knew immediately that it is the perfect size for sitting just beside my sewing machine and holding all the stuff that flies around when I'm sewing. All I did was cut a piece of cardboard to fit just inside the box, use fabric glue to cover it, and slide it in there. Done in less than 30 minutes. That's my kind of craft...easy peasy.

By the way, the weather here in the holler is magnificent. The windows are open and it still feels like I have the air conditioner on. Thank you Lord!

Blessings from the holler...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Peonies and Pie...

Well, the work on the house to repair hail damage started again today. The workers needed to run an electrical hose that had to be close to our peonies in the flower bed. I had been meaning to get out there and cut some of the old blooms off anyway so I took this opportunity to cut a basket load.

When I came in I got out my vases and went to work surrounding myself in the pink lovelies. Don't they paint some walls in prisons pink to calm the inmates? Anyway, that was an arbitrary thought I had. I'll have so much pink in the house that it will serve as a calming thing. Being surrounded by God's handiwork always serves to cheer and calm me. I'm not going to keep all this to myself--our neighbor is pregnant and I hope to get one of these arrangements to her this afternoon.

My Mom and Dad came over a few days ago and brought me some strawberries! They were so pretty I had to make a pie. When I got ready to make it, though, there was no pie crust in the freezer. I like to keep those "store bought" crusts on hand. I was determined to have pie for desert last night so I got on foodtv.com and found a simple recipe that I made in my food processor. I was so encouraged that it turned out good. I forgot to take a picture before we cut it :)

Oh, it's raining now so all is peaceful. Praise The Lord from Whom all blessings flow. Blessings to you all from the holler...