Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love early summer days...

Yesterday morning while I waited for my Dad and Mom to come pick me up to go strawberry pickin' I took some pictures of some of the sights in our yard.
The Coriopsis will bloom all summer and are nice for picking (since our granddaughter is obsessed with picking flowers.)
I stuck this amarylis plant behind the Irises last year, and see, it looks like Christmas.
I saw this weird looking butterfly or moth. It's kinda scarey looking. Anyone know what kind it is?

I wanted to take our camera to the strawberry patch but the battery went dead. As always, the Lord knows best because it was a good stretch of the leg from the car to the patch. We had our two baskets each picked in no time. I plan to make some jam, pies, and hopefully have enough to freeze for a cake later on in the year. Oh, and we got to keep the baskets - yippee!

As JP says, "I'm easy." I'm pretty easy to please, make laugh and cry. What concerns me is that lately it's easy to forget! Last night, I wanted to tell JP something so I went in the den and on the way there I forgot what it was. I turned around and went back in the office where the aforementioned thought popped into my head to begin with but that trip was to no avail. So I went back through the den and said something like "forget it,,maybe it wasn't important." I think I remembered it later but I forgot what it was now. Confused yet? Good, I like to keep you in my world. I'm ready for the wise cracks - go ahead it won't hurt my feelings, I can take it :O)

Oh, Corrie, Violet and Spaceghost said "hey, from the holler!"

Have a great weekend and God's blessings to you and yours.


Carmen C. said...

The holler looks like a fun place! The strawberries are awesome and the fur babies...cute as always, lol! Your beautiful winged friend I would guess to be some type of moth, not sure though which kind!

Lena said...

Spaceghost??! Who is Spaceghost? Did I miss the cat introduction? (and what a cool name!)
Mrs JP - maybe YOU should be called spaceghost with your tendencies to "space out" ! lol :-) I'm afraid I'm just like you, but I make lists of things I need to remember, and then I misplace the lists...
Have a wonderful weekend! All the best from SC!

JP said...


Yeah, Mrs. JP kinda slipped the Spaceghost intro into this post. He's our cross-eyed, outdoors (garage) cat. When he was younger and first came around, his head was darker than the rest of his body, so he immediately reminded me of Spaceghost.

As a man who has managed to remain happily married for over 23 years, I have no comment regarding the rest of your comment... ;o)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Mmmmm- the strawberries made my mouth water! I agree the butterfly is a little strange looking! But pretty colors, though.

Anonymous said...

Your insect is almost assuredly a moth, I have narrowed it down to a type of Silkmoth and sent you a link to the site I found it on.