Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hay, Hay, Hay...

Really it's straw. We have 24 paws going in and out in all kinds of weather so spreading straw is our way of combating the winter rain mud-o-rama. It's just so much easier to vacuum straw as clean up as much mud tracked in by our little dears.
Of course I have help. Scrappy has decided that the bales of straw are all little sticks that I'm throwing for her to grab first and fight me for - whatever she can sure spread it quick. All the others get in on the fun but Scrappy is all over it.

While outside today our cross-eyed cat, Spaceghost, came up and announced that his bowl was empty and there wouldn't be a moments peace until I did something about it. Spaceghost just came up one day and adopted us. He looks east and west at the same time but he's a mouser. He is in charge of the mice control and he does a good job. He has a doggie door so he can come into our garage for his shelter. I've fixed a great spot with an old doggie bed and rugs to keep him warm. As long as he does his job he's my hero because I "don't do" mice. Our car is apparently one of his kill zones because on Sunday as we were going to church JP noticed that there was evidence he'd been up there. I won't go into that much further since I'm enjoying my peanut butter toast and Chai tea now as I thaw out.
I didn't know what to post since what I do is "so daily" but like George Costanza said "What did you do today? That's a show." Isn't that the truth around here!

Well with my chores done I think I'll work on a little quilted wall hanging I'm in the middle of. I hope to have a picture of it with some links to great quilting sites next.
Blessings from the holler.

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