Friday, May 8, 2009

Moms of our family...

I wanted to do a special post for Mother's day. JP had the idea of getting photos of our mom's and I went with it. I went all the way back to my great-great-grandmother. So pardon the quality of the photos. The top photo is JP's mom, his granny, and my mom. We're both blessed to have great mom's so here's to you both. Thank you for all you did to raise us and sacrificed on our behalf. I also want to say I count it as one of God's biggest blessings to be a mom and mamaw - our son and grand babies are a joy. Our daughter-in-love is a great mom and I could ask for no better.
This is my mom and me after building our first snowman after moving from Florida to Tennessee.

This is my mom, aunt and my grandmother

My Grandma on Ira - this is my dad's mom.

My mom's grandmother they called her "little grandma"

Great grandmother Ellen

Great grandma Hardee

Our son giving me the bear hug - I hate it can you tell :O)

And this is our daughter-in-love being the great mom she is.

Happy Mother's day to you all from the holler.

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TennZen said...

What a beautiful post and a loving tribute to the moms in your life! (I think it's really precious how you call your DIL "Daughter-In-Love.")

Happy Mother's Day to you, Mrs. JP! I hope you have a wonderful day!