Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We have protection...

Daisy is in charge of all home intruders but when we first moved back to Tennessee we had skunk troubles. That's a whole different kind of protection we needed. I've found a concoction that will almost get the smell out of dog fur. I say "almost" because it may take more than one application or days to wear off. The recipe is 1/2 box baking soda, 1 small bottle peroxide and 1/2 to 1 cup dish detergent (I like lemon scented) mixed together in an old tea pitcher with some warm water just enough to fill the pitcher. Apply liberally to the area/areas where the skunk hit his mark and then let the poor dear sit and wait for 5-10 minutes (the longer the better.) Use gloves or it'll get on you - believe me I speak from experience and this recipe makes enough for two dogs partially sprayed or one big dog that really got it and was too spirited to run away. Cowardice is a good trait when it comes to skunks. Daisy isn't a coward by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, she got it in her mouth and all over her chest----YUK! I brushed her teeth with baking soda for days after the attack of course she also got "the bath."

Our skunk trouble isn't the reason for this post. All the above information you get free! What I learned from the skunk attacks is that varmints shy away from animal hair so when I brush the dogs I throw the hair over the fence. We haven't had another skunk attack since. Of course I did kill that one while JP was on the road that time and then he killed another one (both super funny stories I'll tell another time.) The varmints I'm guarding against are turkeys, rabbits and deer. I don't have a picture of the rabbits but I'm pretty sure they're the ones who hopped up to my herb garden and all but leveled it. Those wascally wabbits!!

All that to tell you that I've got two "dogs" guarding our vegetable garden. I made a short, small circle from chicken wire, staked it in the ground and fill it with dog hair that I collect during brush time. Charlie and Speedbump are the main contributors. That's right, they're earning their keep.

Here they are. One guards the tomato end and one is on the end with the corn (notice the matching tails) Also, appreciate the camera angle - I was on my knees to get these pictures just for you!
So far, so good. I think I should name them but I haven't come up with anything good yet. I think they look like little round Australian Shepherds. What do you think we should name them? How do you protect your garden from bunnies, deer, etc?


Carmen C. said...

LOL! Love your fake dogs, what a great idea! Daisy looks so clean after her magic bath I wanna snuggle with her! We have about 3/4 of an acre fenced in for our dog and the garden is in the fence too, but 4 ft. high isn't nearly high enough, those deer jump right over it! I've heard they don't like soap, but who has time to hang hundreds of soap bars in all the trees?! Good luck:)

Mrs. JP said...

Hey Carmen,,that's the second thing I heard today that doesn't like soap. TennZenn said on her blog (link to your right) that she got rid of aphids with a really inexpensive soap spray. You never know what will work so it's great the we can pool our garden secrets.

Lena said...

Haha.....your fake doggies look adorable. Especially the tails!
I'll have to think about names. I'll get back to you on that...
Kane is on geese-patrol these days. The joy of living next to a lake. He leaps off the porch and takes off after them. :-)
Our garden fence is over 6ft tall, so we have no problems. I've had some squirrels digging in there, but that's about it.

YD said...

Nice doggies, I mean fake doggies! Love the tails.
Hmmm, what names should I suggest? I'm not very creative. Stormy & Sunny? Samson & Delilah?
Luckyly we do not have any deer problems but we do have lots of bunnies around. Samantha & June could only do so much, so I fenced in my garden.
Have a great weekend. The girls sent their slobbers.

Lena said...

I vote for Gandalf and Shadowfax. :-)
I love the LOTR trilogy and Gandalf's horse always gives me heart palpitations... :-)

Bob said...

Chewbacca and Ewok -- obviously.