Friday, July 24, 2009

The Sky is Falling...Coming to a sky near you...

I read this article about three meteor showers that can be seen all over the world. So here's the info.

July 28-29 - The Delta Aquarids
Predawn, about 20 bright-yellow meteors occur per hour. Look for meteors to fan out east, north and west. **Not bloody likely I'll be up to see that one; Farmchick and Cowgirl may be up then but 5:30 is when the coffee starts here.

July 29-30 - The Capricornids
Known for producing brilliant fireballs. It's best to observe right after sunset (now we're talking.) If you can see the Milky Way, you'll probably be able to see this shower.

August 12-13 - Look toward the constellation Perseus (about halfway above the horizon in the northeast quadrant of the sky) in the late evening. Recline with your feet facing south and look straight up. The Perseids should appear over your left shoulder - you could see 60 meteors in an hour. I'll need a new lounge chair for that one JP :O)

Find a list of celestial happenings at
You know what is really neat is to use night vision binoculars to look at stars. Wow, you can see so much more! Blessings from the holler yall!


Bob said...

So everyone in the holler has night vision goggles? Bought to do stargazing?

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, I let that one slip did I? Well Bob, that'd be top secret information. Let's just say they can be used for star gazing very effectively :O)
Actually, they're GI just like our son.

cowgirl said...

Hey, Great info Mrs JP, thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I have five of these fur babies and one is a cart pup! I will be adding their photos to my new blog later today so check them out. Thanks for the sweet comments. De