Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another day in the garden...

Yeehaw! We're finally getting corn from the garden. Does anybody need any basil? We've got lots. Oh, and I dug our ground potatoes today so that'll be part of our night meal along with some corn and sliced tomatoes. Yum, yum. We haven't harvested our tater tires yet but we're hoping to have lots for us and some to share with family and friends. We definitely need to get some to my brother because he was instrumental in getting us the tires. Thanks brother! I'm sorry about the pictures I've been posting lately - I'm sure it's operator error.

Other news...
YD's A Little Bit of Everything Place presented us with an award. For this award, I would have to first link it back to the person who gave me the award and then share 10 things about me that are true. Thank you YD's A Little Bit of Everything Place!

True stuff:

1) JP and Mrs. JP are saved by grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.
2) Mrs. JP's brother used to make her cry by whistling the Lassie Theme.
3) JP's brother stuck a car antenna in his ear to see if it'd come out the other side, when they were little. By the way, it didn't.
4) JP and Mrs. JP have 2 grandchildren, a boy who is almost 13 and a girl who is almost 6!
5) JP created a TV/movie rating just for Mrs. JP. I love that about him.
6) Mrs. JP likes old movies. Actually we both do. You know, black and white movies with actors/actresses that actually have talent.
7) JP makes the best bagels, cuban bread, lasagna, homemade sausage, smoked pork,...I could go on but you get the idea, he's a great cook.
8) We are both very, very, very, conservative. JP, did I put enough "very's"?
9) We both support our armed isn't a strong enough word...fiercely support, maybe better.
10) Mrs. JP is phobic of snakes. I don't even like to see them on TV (refer to #5)

Ok, I am suppose to pass it on to bloggers. Here you go. I know...You'd like to thank all the little people who made you what you are today, right?

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YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Good job Mrs. JP!
Nice harvest. Aren't you glad that you and JP had decided to plant a garden this year?

Farm Chick Paula said...

This was great! I loved reading all about you two... especially #3!

Lena said...

When life gives you basil - make basil pesto! It is so easy: toast some pinenuts, throw basil, pinenuts and garlic clove in blender, add shredded parm cheese, mix in a little olive oil, salt & pepper. Yummy with pasta, on baked potatoes, on grilled chicken...
Now - I'm off to post about the honest stuff! Thank you for sending it our way! Have a wonderful, blessed weekend in the holler!

Bob said...

I'm such a bad blogger -- I haven't gotten around to doing my list yet. But since I've been running on three hours sleep since 5:00 AM yesterday, I think I may just put this off one more day.

cowgirl said...

lol Great post Mrs JP! I liked #3! :)