Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Before and After...

It's late spring and that means it's time for Speedbump's summer hairdo. She lays down while I take the shears and zoom away the winter coat. All the hair is donated to protecting our garden. I have two wire baskets that I made out of chicken wire and I fill it with dog hair in an effort to keep varmints away from our crops. I'm not sure if this will be successful but we're giving it a try. The top picture and this one are before pictures.

Here she is after. Can you see her smiling?

Speedbump is all about being cooler. As a pup she adopted every airconditioner vent in our home and loves each of them with all her heart. Now that we've started using the a/c a bit, I led her to one the other day and it was like a family reunion between her and her vent. Oh beloved cool air vent. Really, there is an air vent under there :O)

A love from humble but cute beginnings!


Lena said...

Haha - she definitely looks relieved to have all that extra hair gone! You look a lot slimmer, girl! Kane used to sleep on air condition vents too when he was little. Now he just goes to the tiled area in the entry-way.
Hope you are doing well with the heat! How is the garden?

YD said...

Nice makeover Speedbump!
I have never trim/shave the girls before. Well actually I tried sending Samantha to a groomer once and they called me a few hours later to go pick her up because she wouldn't let them shave her at all!!!