Thursday, April 23, 2009

And now for my next trick...

When we feed our little pack it takes lots of room so that no one feels crowded or hurried. When we got Charlie last year I put him just outside the back door to eat. That was a good idea because when he eats he eats fast and when he's done he doesn't bother anybody outside. That was a bad idea because he thought it was cute and funny to take his bowl up the hill and leave it there. We are talking steep hill, like maxed incline on your treadmill steep and slippery in the morning dew. Then I'd have to go and get it or he'd take it even farther away. This didn't make for a happy post dinner time.
I had to think of something because winter was coming. So one day when he picked up his bowl I threw open the door and started saying over and over "bring me the bowl, bring me the bowl." It didn't take long for him to catch on.
Our Charlie is so talented. He sometimes gets carried away and runs off all the way to the fence but when I give the command he comes running across the yard bowl held high. Also, sometimes he's coy and likes to take a victory lap or two around the smoker before coming in.
When he comes in he goes into the laundry room where I keep there bowls and he drops it. I taught him to do that by getting him to follow me in there with treats and then giving him one after he gave me the bowl. He doesn't need the treats anymore now it's his game we play twice a day.


Lena said...

What a GOOD boy! I need to teach Kane to do that as well.... :-)
I love the prancing picture!

Carmen C. said...

Oh my gosh...that is just too cute! Love all your pics of the furbabies:)

YD said...

Charlie said: "I will have my food to go please."

He is such a smart boy!