Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, deer...

Sunday afternoon I looked out our front bedroom window and counted fourteen deer grazing in our front yard. I was afraid that if I tried to sneak outside with my camera they would spook and run off into the woods, so I just snapped a couple of photos from the window.

I spotted the deer before any of our dogs did, but when they noticed me looking out the window, it didn't take long before they were all barking at the deer. The deer didn't seem to mind. They have figured out that the dogs movements are limited to the dog yard, for the most part.

Some folks don't understand why we love living so far out in the country and having such a long drive to work (46 miles each way) or to do anything, and there may be a few minor drawbacks, like not being able to get a pizza delivered, but we don't even notice those things. It is such a blessing to look out your window and see sights like this. Besides, we've learned to make our own pizza.

We see a lot of wild turkey in the holler as well.


Bell said...

You know my hubby would have to read this post through the scope on his rifle. :)

YD said...

That's one of the good reasons to live out in the country. Not many people can "handle" it. I would love to live out in the countryside someday.