Friday, December 2, 2011

Calling all birds and bird watchers....

I saw this idea in Birds and Blooms, a magazine I get and really enjoy. It's a gallon plastic juice jug made into a bird feeder. It said to cut out bird sized holes on two sides, poked holes in the bottom for drainage, tie a hefty piece of string for hanging, fill with seeds and watch.

I added a little extra to ours by hot glueing some rope at the bottom of the holes so it would be a more comfortable perch, put a piece of chopstick inside for additional perching possibilities, and stickers just for the heck of it. It's so easy to fill because of the twist off cap on top.

So, here it is hanging with our regular feeder and suet just outside the kitchen window. I put some little apple pieces in there with the sunflower seeds. Ohhhh, I hope they like it. It was so easy and will be a fun project for our little granddaughter and I to do the next time she's here.

By the way, thanks to JP for changing the background on our blog. I took some frosty pictures and he made it happen. Blessings to you all from the holler...


Carmen C. said...

What a neat idea! I saw something similar in one of the craft malls in Ohio Amish country but I think they used 2 liter bottles. Very cute!!!

Cindy said...

Love your new background---so natural. That is a cool idea. Please update on what happens!! Is that bird magazine part of the Country Magazine family of publicatons? We get Country and Country Extra. The birds are protected in that feeder which is great.

The Life of Riley said...

Frosty pictures are just what I need. My legs are sun burnt from standing in the sun at doggie Christmas party that I went to with Riley and Enzo today! The bird feeder looks like a great idea, and I look forward to seeing photos of the birds enjoying it.


Hey there Ms JP,
You really are in a creative mood, aren't you? :)
We have those bird feeders here in SA.
If you want to make the feeder more comfortable for the birds, then construct some openings where you can push some dowel sticks right through the feeder, so that they protrude outside the feeder - near to the entrance. (for the birds to sit on) Look at your other hanging feeder, you will see what I mean. Here, in SA they put in 2x sticks (crossed at right angels - like your other feeder) and the birds LOVE it!
(Remember to drill some very small holes in the bottom - to allow the moisture to escape).
Hope that helps.
(Another option is to take a pine cone and spread peanut butter into it. Hang it up - it will attract some of the 'barbet' type of birds. Cheese is also an attraction. :)
sending lotsaluv to you