Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things to see...

We are approaching full blown spring mode. Things are blooming or are bursting to open. What a blessing!

Peaches on the trees.

Amaryllis is going to open any day now.

Columbine is taking over, but in such a pretty way.

This vicious looking creature is actually a painted daisy. I like to take pictures of things up close. I don't know why.

Here is the whole plant.

When I took this close-up of the peony bloom I didn't know that the dandelion pollen snuck into the picture. Oh well, we are having lots of pollen, just ask my sinuses and JP too.

These pansies are such troopers. Still blooming.

We only had one tulip this year but it's a pretty one. What a beautiful color. I think that's one from a bulb bouquet JP got for me.

We have five beautiful lilac bushes. They did really well this year.

Our new strawberry patch is looking good.

And guess what the German Shepherds of the pack are doing while I'm walking around taking all the pictures! Aw, come on, you know by now.........say it with me.........that's right!! STICK GAME, of course.

So, what's blooming in your neck of the woods? Wonderful Springtime blessings from the holler.


Carmen C. said...

We have apple blossoms here on our trees, daffodils and green grass:) That is too funny, don't they EVER tire of the stick game? If not, that's fine, I love seeing them in action:)

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Of course, they have a stick in their mouths! That's what they do☺

The flowers and new blooms are wonderful. Up here we still don't have leaves on the trees but it won't be long☺

Sierra Rose said...

Beautiful! Would love to have such spectacular blooms and great places to play stickie! :)
Our California poppies are everywhere, blankets of orange.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Lena said...

STICK GAME!!!! (That was Kane shouting! He'd like to join in!)
Beautiful flowers! What kind of peonies do you have? My grandmothers back home always had them and I would love to plant some as well. Just wondering which kinds do well down south.
Your garden is so pretty! Are you looking forward to strawberries as much as I am? :-)

MAX said...

Hey there Ms JP
Your post is a floral wonder. One can only marvel at the beauty in our creation!

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

I know the answer: stick game!
Very pretty flowers! I love the strawberry patch. I don't think I'll have any strawberries this year. I moved them last Fall and I think I did it too late. I uncover the straw and nothing is growing underneath. I'll have to buy some more.
Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

The flower pictures are great. I like the leaves on the painted daisy. I hope you have a bumper crop of strawberries---yum!
So glad you ended with the doggies---stick game!

Deborah said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I am very happy to see everything you have in bloom. Not us, not yet! I am waiting for my lilacs to bloom. I love them! We have lots of daffodils and vinca's and little purple violets. I just love them. It is very cold today but they say 85 degrees on Sunday! YEAH!!! Thanks for your nice comments too. I just loved the prayer blanket!