Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Love You For Sentimental Reasons...

First of all, that's the title of one of my favorite songs by Nat King Cole.
I love you for sentimental reasons,
I hope you do believe me,
I've given you my heart!!!

That's not what this post is about though.
MAXMOM's BRIC-A-BRAC is one of the blogs I follow and she did a post about sentimentality. Is sentiment a futile thing? Hardly, is my answer. I'm so sentimental, just ask JP, he knows.
Exhibit a - we have been blessed with JP's Granny's breakfront which holds most of my treasures.

Next, I offer you this example. Our son (almost 31 yrs. old) made this vase for me one mother's day. How could I possibly throw that away?

I have this collection of the California Raisins. When I woke up from a surgery that I had, JP had them sitting on my bedside tray to cheer me up.

This shoe was given to me by my grandparents from a trip to Daytona Beach that they took in 1962. I was one year old then!! My Grandma also gave me that miniature tea set. We had such a special relationship. She babysat me, so that means I was one of the most spoiled of her grand babies.

The Christmas tree is from JP's Granny and the manger belonged to my parents. The manger scene was bought on their first Christmas together - over 55 yrs. ago.

The birthday cake toppers from some of my birthday cakes. That's right I was a princess way before it was so cool to be a princess!!!

My most recent treasure was given to me by JP when he was truckin' for our living. A guard at a place he delivered to made this little dog out of a string of little beads. How cool is that?

I could go on but I know you all have lives and things to do and have indulged me far too long. The reason for my sentimentality is this, I love the people behind the object and I love the stories and memories that go with each sweet piece. I love my family with a deep love and I know that I'm so blessed. For this blessing, among all the many, I am most grateful.
So, are you sentimental?
Sentimental blessings from the holler to you and yours.


MAX said...

I've got the "shivveries" here with your beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with us! I can never get enough of this kind of thing. You could have put up a lot more (what about another).
That little teaset from your Granny...I also had one as a child...it broke and was glued together on many occasions. Also the teacup and fitting teapot!
You sound like the most wonderful family...similar love to that shared in mine!
Thank you again. I loved you post!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Oh my gosh, those raisins! You took me back and made me smile and smile. Thank you so much. I love to go to a blog and find that it takes me back to a happy, sweet time in my life.

Lena said...

That is so sweet. While I'm not much for collecting things, I do like to have items from my family that have meaning to me, instead of brand new things. I have a few serving dishes, some pressed glass dessert plates from my grandmother, some old-fashioned storage jars from Sweden, a pearl necklace from my grandmother, a beautiful ring from my great great aunt. It's nice to have things with history around you to remind you of family and those you love. Here's to sentimentality!

Sierra Rose said...

That was wonderful!! Funny and sweet little California rasins!! :) We love sentimental!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Deborah said...

Hi Mrs JP, I loved your post. It was beautiful. I am also very sentimental and if you don't mind I'm going to follow suit and post about it! I have so many things that I love so now I'm thinking.

Vickie said...

WAYYY too sentimental, I am! My husband complains every time he gets in the attic. I've got so many "memories" up there that it threatens to cave in on top of my car! I'm trying to go through and get rid of some stuff tho. You might see me on TV on the Hoarder's Show. If you do, please don't tell anyone!

Cindy said...

You hit the nail on the head---it's the memories of the people behind our collectibles and treasures that make them valuable to us and no one else! The little tea set is sweet and the raisins are so funny!