Monday, April 5, 2010

Cut it out, that tickles...

One morning last week I had gotten JP off to work and got my coffee so I could sit in my chair and have my quiet time. I have found that if I skip this part of the day (even if it's just 10-20 minutes) it makes such a difference in my attitude. I have a really good devotional book that I read along with my Bible. I can read, pray and get ready for the day ahead.

Scrappy always sits with me and insists on the side nearest the window (yes, I give in to her) so she can flop her front feet over and soak up the sun. I posted pictures of that not long ago. Meanwhile, the rest of the dogs are sprawled out all over the floor taking naps since they have full bellies from breakfast. So, this particular morning, Scrappy gets adventurous and starts climbing up to get more of the sun until she is sitting on top of the chair like a cat. I thought "no way can I get up and get the camera for a picture of this." Well, I had to try and she was content to sit there and pose for her picture. It was as if she was thinking, "don't I always sit on the edge of your chair, what's the big deal?" After I took her picture, I sat down smiling to myself thinking about the cute post I would make with this little picture.

After a few minutes, I heard Charlie growl and then stop, then growl and stop. I thought he was having a dream because he doesn't growl. He moans and groans when he's extra comfortable, stretching, or when you scratch his ears in just the right spot but he doesn't growl. Then he did it again, I looked down and Corrie was licking the bottom of his back foot and tickling him! She was tickling his back foot and he didn't want to wake up from his nap. I don't blame him!! Well she finally woke him up. She looks very satisfied with herself and he looks like he was just torn from his nap.

I hope that you all are having a great week. Blessings from the holler to you and yours.


Lena said...

Scrappy is on top of the world! Charlie indeed looks like he just woke up. I tend to tickle Kane like that as well when he is sleeping....I tickle the hair between his toes, just to watch him twitch and get annoyed at me. :-)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Vickie said...

Aren't dogs funny??? My chihuahua sits on the back of the chair or couch around our shoulders and neck. I guess it's warm and she has a good perch from there.

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your prayers for my mother in law. She's doing as well as can be expected, and I know in part it's due to all my family and friends, including my blog friends, prayers for her. I really appreciate each and every one of you!

Have a wonderful day!

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Hi Charlie you sleepy head! That is too funny!
Scrappy, that's the best seat in the house!
Poor dogs, things we do to annoy them. I do the same as Lena to Samantha & June. I especially like to trim Samantha's toe hair while she's sleeping because she wouldn't let me when she's awake.

MAX said...

Looks like your dogs partake in the 'quiet time' too! A wonderful time to bong. That is an adorable picture of Scrappy. They all look so you sound!

Deborah said...

That's funny..Just like mine, one wants to play and the other one doesn't!!!

Sierra Rose said...

Aw! Don't we just surprise you with smiles sometimes! :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Cindy said...

Scrappy is too cool! Aren't they all just so funny with their unique personalities?