Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Old?.....

Daisy showed me today that she's not to old for anything. Remember, Daisy is our oldest dog (the only non-rescue) who had hip surgery a couple years ago. She has recovered fully; she plays, runs and protects with the whole pack. The picture above was taken in 2002 when she was playing after a training session. Back to today; I was talking with my mom who called to check on me because I have an awful cold (double yuk.) While we were talking I was looking out the door that goes to the back yard and I saw Daisy looking up and then she jumped up and plucked a bird right out of the air!! It happened so fast and then she looked around like "why do I have this thing in my mouth." Needless to say, I interrupted my mom and said "Daisy just caught a bird!!" I know I shouldn't be outside in these cold temperatures but I had to get that bird out of the dog yard before Scrappy (who was going crazy inside) got to it. So I convinced my mom that I'd be okay and suited up. First I corralled the other dogs inside so I could work, unhindered, with Daisy. I said "Daisy come," which she did, and then I revised the command to "DROP IT and come," she spit that bird out and trotted inside. So I called our cat, Spaceghost, and threw it his way. I know it might sound gruesome, but hey, that's life in the country. Don't get me wrong, we love birds and have two feeders for them; this one must have not been aware of the "no fly zone" over the dogs.
With that lovely scene in your mind would you like my recipe for suet? I like to buy those handy squares for the feeders but when we run out I make my own.
1/2 cup lard
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup corn meal
Stir all together and freeze in plastic container. I cut it in a piece the size of my suet holder and that's it. You can add berries, nuts, or seeds. Today I cut up an apple that was a little mushy for me and put it in there. The weather forecasters say we'll have some snow so I'll try to get pictures of the dogs playing in the snow. They love snow!!
Blessings from the holler.


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

"No fly zone" over the dogs, that's funny!
No it's not gruesome at all, that's life. That bird most probably won't survive if you let it go.

Carmen C. said... shepherd likes to catch chipmunks, last summer we had a couple running around with no tails! I like feeding the birds too, but I love your Daisy and that HAD to be hilarous:)Hope the cold goes away soon!

Mrs. JP said...

So your dogs got the chipmunk tails? Carmen, that's so funny. The cold will run it's course and until then JP is really spoiling me.

YD, you know Samantha and June would've done the same thing!!

Vickie said...

Life in the country is sometimes hard. I understand. Poor bird. Same with my gophers.

On chickens, I know my hen needs a buddy or two, but I haven't convinced hubby just yet. I think he'll come around, but it'll take some time, and I'll just keep my fingers crossed that my little hen makes it til I can get her some friends!

Sierra Rose said...

WOW! We're picturing the scene....and a kitty named Spaceghost!!?? Cool!
We would love to live on such a property! Someday...mmmmmm!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Lena said...

Wow, Daisy girl, I'm impressed! And I'm glad at least someone got some use out of the poor bird. Hope it was yummy, Spaceghost!
Thanks for the suet recipe! I've been wondering how to make that stuff myself! :-)