Thursday, February 23, 2012

Links of love...

Hello to all, we're still here in the holler doing the blessed everyday thing. Except that this past weekend JP made sausage. He made chorizo and andouille sausage and they are both delicious. *side note, why does this speller not recognize chorizo and andouille? Anyway, here are the pictures I took.

Here are the little darlings going into the smoker.

The Andouille.

The Chorizo.

While we waited for the sausage to smoke we made this breakfast of pancakes, JP's bacon and fresh strawberries. It's always great when the strawberries come in from Florida. Oh, I really have nice dishes, I just happened to grab a plate with a chip in it. Hey, when the food's being served my only criteria is that the plate be clean. It's grab and growl around here!

I'm off to do errands before the bad storms come this afternoon. I plan to visit your blogs today so see you there. We pray that you all are well. Blessings from the holler...


Carmen C. said...

OH MY....DROOLING! Looks so yummy and those pancakes are gorgeous! I bet the furbabies were all gathered 'round the grill?? LOL! Be safe in those storms!

Paula said...

Mmmmm~ I'm coming over for dinner; just thought I would let you know. :)
I hope the storms stay away but I just heard on the news that they are down your way right now... praying you all stay safe!


Hey there Mrs JP,
Those strawberries look delicious and you have a truly industrious man, don't you!
I was interested to note that you call your granny's flowers 'buttercups'. In many parts of the world they are called 'daffodils', or is there something I don't know about these plants?
Hope you are all well. I can just imagine the picnics at your stream in the holler, on summer days :)
Sending lotsaluv

Cindy said...

Oh man, my hubby would die for that sausage. It looks soooo good. And what chip? I don't see it. Your plate with the pancakes and strawberries looks like a magazine shoot. My mouth is watering!!!

Sierra Rose said...

Mmmmm! Getting hungry here!
Hope the storm passed without damage.
We could use any sort of precipitation here.. It's been too spring-like...trees and flowers are blooming! Yikes.
Have done a little skiing, but coverage has not been very good. Favorite time in the mountains has been playing in the snow with Sierra's orange ball and taking in the fresh air!

Big hugs!
Sierra Rose and mom :)