Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goings on...

These are the roses that JP brought to me for our anniversary. They actually smell like roses! I just love the burgundy flowers, they really serve to set off the pink roses.

We've been having visitors each afternoon. Anywhere from 4-9 deer come to the edge of our back yard and graze. I just love it. The dogs don't feel the same though. I endure the barking and pleading eyes as long as I can so the deer can graze but eventually I cave and let the dogs run. Then the dogs come back in and the deer come back out,,,,and repeat above. Sorry for the picture quality, my hands were shaking.

Charlie says hello.

This is Corrie's latest thing. She sits at the front window with her chin rested on the window sill looking out, so pensive. I think it's adorable.

Today, and for the past few days, I've had the windows open. I love being able to air out the house but this is weird Mid-January weather. I think we better brace ourselves for February. Other than these few things there's not much going on. So, blessings to you all from all of us in the holler...


The Life of Riley said...

How amazing to have deer in your back yard! Corrie looks so cute.

Carmen C. said...

Love your precious babies, soo adorable!!! your flowers are beautiful and deer are so peaceful to watch aren't they:)

nancy huggins said...

Love the picture looking out the window. Maggie (black Lab) does the same thing and if Billy goes to town and she stays home she cry's the whole time he is gone..I mean LOUD crying. I love to watch my dogs and see what amuses them. We have Deer everywhere here but my dogs can't run loose. They are naughty and take off.
I love the smell of Roses too and have a rose garden way out in front and by the front windows but have to go close to smell them:) Not much going on here either..Just listing on ebay and working on my cook book. By the end of the week I will have mailed 200 letters to Celebrities :)

Cindy said...

Your hubby is so sweet and thoughtful. Oh, that handsome dog, Charlie! And bless Corrie's heart. She has some silver threads on her muzzle. I can relate! How great that you can enjoy the deer---many perks to country living!

Paula said...

Well, hello, Charlie! He looks so much like the dog in the youtube video that talks~ have you seen it? Hilarious.
Corrie must be birdwatching... Lily jumps up on the couch and will stay there watching the birds at the feeder and look so serious...
By the way, the roses are gorgeous~ JP dun good!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Aww......what a sweet hubby! Burgundy is my FAVORITE color.

Your furbabies are just PRECIOUS! What an adorable shot of Corrie...and handsome.

I pray all is well in the holler!



Hey there Mrs JP,
I am fascinated by those 'purple' flowers. I bet that they are 'hardish' to the touch, and I bet that they are related to South Africa's 'protea' family.
Proteas are our national flower and are long-lasting flowers. They grow on tree-type shrubs.
I am soooo curious about your flowers. :)
How special that you are able to view deer out of your kitchen window. Beautiful pics of the pooches too.
sending lotsaluv to you all,

Deborah said...

Hi Charlie! hehe
I love your picture in 1985...your soooo cute!!! Great picture!
Happy Anniversay!
I love the flowers! That is great 27 years!