Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Fun Than New Years Eve...

The weather forecast says we'll be having wet/snowy weather for the next few days so I decided to spread more straw out just beyond the back porch to help with the muddy spots. In Scrappy's world there is no more fun than popping open a bale of straw. She tears into it like it's filled with cheese.

All the other dogs think it's a super fun time but Scrappy is over the top crazy! Charlie and Daisy bring the stick game to the fresh bed of straw.

As you can see, Speedbump even dives into a fresh pile of straw but look behind her, that blur is Scrappy.

Even the sisters, Corrie and Violet are having a good time. You'll just have to trust me on that one :O)

Scrappy butts into the stick game.

The sun is going over the hill on "fun straw day." It's time to go in for supper.

Okay weather, we're as ready as we can get. Bring it on! Blessings to you all from the holler...


cowgirl said...

Haha....They look like they're having so much fun! I bet they could spread the bales of straw around your yard by themselves in less than a day. :)
Hope you all keep warm!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Must be all the great smells in that hay:) We have very cold weather headed here over the weekend.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Paula said...

We're supposed to have more snow tommorrow too... and very cold temperatures on the way again! *sigh*
We use straw for warm bedding for the sheep as well as for the chickens' nest boxes- Daisy loves to "help" me spread it out, too.
Have you ever tried ag (agricultural) lime on the muddy spots?
You can dump it on the ground and spread it with a rake and it soaks up the moisture out of the ground like sand but isn't powdery and dusty like regular lime. You can get it at Tractor Supply or a Co-op.

Deborah said...

Hi! Thanks for the advice! I carried her around on my hip all afternoon yesterday!! LOL, that is all I need, a bad back :(
That is a great idea about the hay, I never thought of that. My mother should do that too, she has soooo much mud on the farm, it's not funny. I would rather sweep up hay than mud any day!

kasthurirajam said...


sprinkles said...

Brrrrr..... I like your new background but it gives me the chills to look at all that snow!

Cindy said...

Mrs. JP, The pictures gave me smile, after smile after smile! The doggies are really something. It's really a simple blessing to watch them and observe their funny ways. You are sooooo good to them! Stay warm!

Jeanette said...

Mrs. JP,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I wish there was some way to do more than live with PTSD, but thankfully there are medicines who make living with it possible.

Sierra Rose said...

I'm in! Beem me up for fun straw day!!!
How did the weather pan out???

Sweet Hugs,
Sierra Rose