Monday, December 7, 2009

Wintering plants and meandering thoughts...

Guess who got flowers! Me. Guess who gave them to me! JP. He's the best.

Today was the perfect day for me to be outside. Mild temperatures and NO SUN!! Since this summer while working our wonderful vegetable garden I've developed Rosacea. I've prayed that it be taken away (as Paul's thorn in the flesh) or that God would give me the grace to deal with it and knowledge to know how to at least make it some better. I would appreciate any information or advise you have on the subject. I've seen a dermatologists and got the clinical side but they weren't much help for the practical day to day dealing with this. Enough about that.

I got in our front bed and trimmed the irises back for their winter nap. They multiply so fast that this year I was able to give more than 20 plants away. Now that I'm looking at them in these pictures I could have thinned out so much more. I don't know what to do with the sage and rosemary for the winter. I guess I'll trim them back when it dies back some.

On the inside, I've got a container that's going to bloom tulips, paperwhites, and little daffodil looking things(who knows what I put in there!!) Also, today, I pulled an amaryllis plant up and am going to try to force it to bloom. That sounds rather brutal doesn't it? I hope they all wait to bloom until January or February when all is gray outside.

Have you any wintering tips for roses? Do you have bulbs waiting to be planted? When we lived in Florida people planted their poinsettias and they were beautifully green all year and red for Christmas. That was so lovely but I like it here in the holler where we have four seasons. Hey, we had a little snow Saturday!! I hope you all have a blessed Christmas season. Keep it simple and make time to remember to celebrate Jesus' birth.


Lena said...

Hi Mrs. JP - Wow - I love the new holiday wallpaper! Very festive. I'm sorry to hear about the rosacea - I suffer from excema on my hands myself (not good when you like to BAKE!) so I can sympathize. I will ask my friend Lisa at Multi Di Moda blog, she does a lot of all natural, home made skin care, maybe she has suggestions?
Good luck with the amaryllis - I love "forcing" those as Christmas gifts and I try to make little arrangements with moss and twigs etc. Hope all the puppies are doing well!

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Mrs JP, sorry to hear about the rosacea. I am not familiar with it, so I do not know of any care for it.
Those roses Mr JP gave you are beautiful!
I bet the puppers just love the snow.