Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Go ahead and laugh...

Last nights supper was one of our family classics. Pork and kraut done in the crock pot. I wish I had taken pictures, not that it was that beautiful but it was good. So easy to make and so warm in the tummy going down. If you like kraut that is!! I just sear a pork roast off in a cast iron skillet and put it in the crock pot with a bag of kraut (this weekend we're gonna try to make our own saurkraut - more on that monday) , smoked sausage cut in chunks, and 4-5 potatoes in big chunks, turn the crock pot on and go. By the time JP gets home it's ready. At the end I pull the meats aside and thicken the sauerkraut juice up by adding some instant mashed potatoes. YUMMMY
It takes a lot of faith for me to cook using a crock pot. The whole end of the day is riding on this thing doing it's job. I can't see a flame, I can barely feel that it's warm until mid-day, and if I have to leave the house I'm in a panic because I think "what if it burns the house down!" I know I'm silly and I truly love the idea of throwing all the ingredients in and "setting it and forgetting it" but I'm always kinda surprised when it turns out so good. How long have these things been around now? I know, I know but yesterday was different I did something new and totally foreign for me. I used a crock pot liner!!! Are you kidding me? This thing is gonna 1st - not melt into our food and 2nd keep the whole clean! I can hear the snickering - go ahead laugh. My mother has used them, I've seen that they work. It just felt so weird. It was like throwing everything in a tupperware and putting it in the oven (yes, I'm aware that they make oven-proof plastic - that's another story.) Lo and behold, at the end of the cooking, eating, and making lunches, I just picked up this little liner and threw it away. I'm not sure but I think I heard a little angel chorus right over this clean crocker. I washed it anyway, some habits die hard.
Blessings from the holler.


Carmen C. said...

I'm not laughing.....I've never heard of a crock pot LINER, can you believe it??? Wow, sounds wonderful though, and I'm german so I love pork & kraut;)

Lena said...

I've never heard of liners either. Nifty idea though.
I have the same spastic issue with Crockpots - "It's going to burn the house down if I leave" ! I'm glad yours didn't. :-)))
Pork roast sounds yummy!

Sierra Rose said...

Sounds warm and delicious!!! We need to pull out our crock-pot....we've been mostly doing interesting stir-fry dinners here..... Thanks for a great meal idea!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose and mom

cowgirl said...

lol You washed it anyway... I like that! I'm sure I would have too. :)
Your supper sounds wonderful, I love kraut and pork and will try your recipe. Thanks for posting this!