Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garden update...

Our green beans did a good job, we're still loving our tomato crop, the peppers couldn't be more peppery and lastly the tater tires tanked. I mean we got a little over 5 lbs. of potatoes from three stacks of tires. That's okay, live and learn. This garden is our first so we're pleased overall and our freezer is almost full! So I consider the venture a success.

We're having wonderful weeds around here. I mean really beautiful! I know the names of some but not all of them. If they wouldn't kill my sinuses I'd have bouquets all over the house. Oh, and our next door farm has a new baby that is just so cute I can hardly stand it. I love farm babies. So if you know the names of these weeds let me know.



We send blessings from our garden to you and yours.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Everyhting looks wonderful! And I love farm abaies too... *sigh*...
By the way- I did some searching on the internet and couldn't find any prairie gown patterns, but I did find this neat site where they actually sell them at a reasonable price-

If you go to your search engine and type in "Little house on the Prairie dresses", you'll be amazed at what you find! I never knew that was still so popular!

Bell said...

You say "garden update" and I see a cow. Did you plant that? How long from seed to calf?

Mrs. JP said...

Thanks for doing the leg work Farm Chick.

Hey Bell, he's part of the garden scenery :O)

Lena said... babies. How adorable! I don't have any near me, but I drive by quite a few on my way home and I love watching them.
I'm so happy your garden is doing great! :-) Our taters tanked too, so maybe it was something in the air?

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Hello friend! I finally have had an opportunity to stop in for a visit ~ and its just what my spirit needed today. Yes, we certainly are kindred spirits. Your homeplace is beautiful ~ I so enjoy all the wild flowering plants that surround our place too. God is so very artistic and creative.

By the way, the pattern for church dolls that I have is just the cutest little thing. It is like a fabric trifold strip with pockets and just little fabric doll shapes that fit into each pocket. I'll see if I can find that link again so you can see what they look like.

And Bowls & Annies is offering a free printable pattern right for a darling little raggedy ann. She really makes the hair easy on these dolls. I have made some traditional sets for my mom & sister ~ and I sure know what you mean about that hair. When I was finished, I was fortunate to still have my own hair! LOL

It's been such a blessing to visit with you today. I'm looking forward to some quiet time so I can read more.

Blessings & Joy,

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

The baby calf is soooo cute. You do have some pretty weeds. All of our weeds are yucky. Regarding your post below, I did not know that basil leaves could be frozen...I will need to give it a try. I just started growing some and it has soooo many leaves.

Irma :)