Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family Blessings...

Today I started thinking about where I learned to do the every day things I do. My Mom! She taught me to cook, clean, sew, and so many other things that are just part of me. When we moved from Florida to Tennessee to farm, my parents had over 200 acres to fence so that's when I got to help out in the kitchen and with cleaning too. My mother would slave over dresses for me and taught me to read a pattern and go for it!! My grandmother taught me to crochet, to love sliced tomato on pizza, and to take care of my complexion. Ponds cold cream was her weapon. My Aunt Shirley taught me the love of quilting - she still inspires me. I'm so blessed to have these women in my life.

Last weekend, my parents and I went to Florida to celebrate one of my Aunt and Uncle's 60th anniversary. The drive wasn't so bad because we chatted all the way - although we all could've done without the traffic jam from Atlanta, GA through to Chattanooga, TN!! What's up with that? We're supposed to be the only ones on the road!! Anyway, we were only there for two days but we packed as much family fun as we could into it. I realize now how blessed I am to have grown up in such a family. We are all close and all love each other - warts and all, as they say! We are not perfect, we know that, but we are close and when we're together there are no awkward moments when we have to warm up to one another. The credit for that goes to my grandparents and how they raised their four daughters. I take that back, silly me, the credit goes to God. He has blessed us beyond measure with faith in Him through His grace and to Him goes the glory.
So, for their 60th anniversary gift, their children and grandchildren all wrote them a "tribute" and sent pictures of their favorite times. This was compiled at my cousins house a.k.a. party command central. There was even, hold on to your hats,,,dancing!! How sweet to see my Aunt and Uncle dance to "their song." And I even got out there with my cousin Debbie and learned to Foxtrot. Since I was out there already I might as well learn the "macarena" (sp?) and demonstrate my "electric slide" prowess! Okay, now that you all are having a good laugh, I'm happy. We laughed all weekend long (with and at each other.) I just wanted to share my weekend blessings with you.
Oh, if you are wondering about the pictures in this post they are - the top one is me at my Grandma's house (she babysat me), middle is most of the family at my Grandma's 80th birthday, and last is me, my brother and mom (cousins in background) hunting Easter eggs at Grandma and Grandaddy's house.

Well, it's back to garden work. My salsa must've turned out good - it's all gone. Never fear, there's more where that came from.


YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Sounds like a great family! You are verry blessed!

cowgirl said...

What great pictures Mrs JP! I agree, you are indeed blessed. Glad you had a nice weekend and made it home safe and sound. :)

Lena said...

Families are the best. Great pictures, and you are indeed a blessed woman. What's even better is that you know it! :-)