Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chilly Day Greetings

I debated not even going outside today. Can you believe it? But what could give my walk to the mailbox more meaning than carrying a card (complete w/ stickers) to our granddaughter and payment to the gas company?!! So I thought I'd just let the dogs out to play, get the camera out (just in case) and giddy up. It was really cool seeing how things change with just a sprinkle of snow.
Here's our creek where I fetch up our daily water (as my granddaughter would say "riiiighttt!") Okay, it is our creek everything else was from my imagination/nightmare :O)

And here's the gang loving life and whooping it up. This is the "stick game." Daisy is always the referee and it sounds vicious. Oh, do you see dogs in these pictures that you don't know? We'll be formally introducing them soon.
Blessings from the holler yall!


Bell said...

Toting in the daily water supply, are you? :)

Mrs. JP said...

well sure don't you carry your daily water up from your creek or well like Laura Ingalls? :O)

Lena said...

Hi JP and Mrs. JP,

Greetings from your neighboring state, SC and thank you for visiting over on my newly started blog about gardening, cooking, crafting and whatever else happens in life. Isn't blogging fun? It's especially fun when I find new friends to visit with and to share with.
I'm thrilled (and so is Kane) to see that you have a few GSDs in your pack. Kane has his own blog as well, about his training which is similar to what Ms. Daisy used to do, although it's done as a sport.

I wish you a wonderful day and I'll come back to visit for sure.

All the best,


YD said...

Hello JP & Mrs. JP,

I came over from Lena's blog and immediately I know this will be my next favorite blog because you rescue dogs. I often admire people like the both of you for doing what you do. There are so many unwanted dogs out there because of irresponsible and/or cruel humans. Thank you for providing a shelter for some of these dogs and giving them a second chance.

My husband and I have 2 dogs. We bought(yes, shame on us) Samantha when she was a puppy. A year later we decided to get a second dog but this time we adopted June from a rescue group.

I'll be sure to visit your blog often.


Mrs. JP said...

I went and saw your dogs - wow you had some snow - they were having a blast. Speedbump would've been loving that weather.