Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who is Mrs. JP?

Good Morning, I'm Mrs. JP and today my main job so far has been to preside over our morning ritual. First we get JP out the door with his coffee and biscuit and then the real fun begins. I mean you can't just go willy nilly getting breakfast out for this group! We have a system and we do the same thing each feeding time. They line up or go to their assigned eating spots and then when the bowls are ready they get their food in the same order every time. So no fighting and best manners are a must. Then if I happen to be staying in the holler for the day I play door man - I told JP I need a revolving door like at the mall. So by the end of the day I might just resemble that cute little granny in the picture or at least feel like her in my heart. JP never knows who will be waiting at the door when he comes home. I take that back all six dogs are there wagging tails but what is the mood of the Mrs.?

1 comment:

JP said...

I've experience that doorman thing on weekends when you've left me home alone with the dogs. When they're in, they want to be outside, and when they're outside, they want to be inside. But they're worth it!

P.S.- My biscuit and coffee were good this morning, as usual...

Love you!