Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New photo of our pack...

I wanted to get a more current photo of our dogs last night in order to post it on here, so last night, Mrs. JP and I set about positioning our dogs for a group shot. That is sometimes harder than you would think it would be. The three larger dogs are very good about sitting and staying, probably because we have been better at spending time in training them than we have with the smaller three dogs. Anyway, they all pretty much settled down into a sit stay, except for Violet, the small shepherd mix on the left hand side. She was convinced that something really bad was about to happen, and kept looking for every opportunity to flee. We finally managed to get a couple good shots in front of the fireplace, and so I'm posting the best one here. They are a fine looking bunch, indeed.

Mrs. JP also finished sewing a flannel nightshirt for me last night, complete with a matching night cap which she made out of the leftover material, and I LOVE it! It fits great, was very warm and comfy to sleep in last night and looks pretty good on me. She didn't seem to have much confidence that it would turn out well, but I knew she could to it. THANK YOU, dear!!!

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