Saturday, November 11, 2017

I am going to try to do this again ,,

straight away I’ll tell you there have been some changes in the pack. My keeper, my other darling is now gone and thus the absence from the blog. I just couldn’t talk about Charlie not being by my side, even now it stings.  Corrie has also gone to the bridge of rainbows at a ripe old age.  Sigh...

That being said, we have a bouncy new couple of loves that I want you to meet. Our oldest of the two is still young and we’ve had him since he was a pup is Buster. His mom was rescued pregnant and desperate, we are honored that we got one of her pups from my new favorite rescue place. They have the best foster mom’s called FOR out of Huntsville Alabama. He’s the most chill puppy we’ve ever had and God knew that’s what I needed at the time.  Buster is a Staffordshire terrier - Pit bull mix and is a love bug.  He would snuggle with me all day if I let him. 
This first picture cracks me up because when he was a pup he did this thing with his tongue.  haha.  He's so cute and I just can't say it enough, just so layed back unless our neighbors, the cows or deer come calling and then he is all business.  He is a treasure as they all are.
 Here he is at one yr old and looking like quite the little man.
So, I just know in my heart that our home isn't complete without a German Shepherd.  That's just us.  So, we went to FOR for our newest member of the pack and got a Parvo survivor.  She was left at a Vet's office I believe and they really worked to keep her alive maybe that's why she's so cocky.  Her name is Lola, (she was a showgirl, and she wore feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there) okay, I'm back.  Our girl's name is Lola, because I like that name, she's a spitfire, she's a barker.  She barks at thing, for thing, for nothing, because she's tired, because she's bored, because someone has her bone, a leaf went by,,,you get the drift...She's a nutt!!  

These first two pictures were taken by her foster mom and I looked at them daily as I prayed for her survival as they tried to stabilize her tummy and pack on a little weight.  Those ears, that smile!

Here she is at our house after a few months of good living and many pounds later.  Don't let the mellow look fool you, she's a drama queen.  I love her haha!  Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you about Lola, she loves to lick Scrappy and Violet in the face hello.  I've never had a dog do this.  I really hope is goes away with puphood and I know Scrappy does because she's her favorite victim.  Scrappy is super cute and all but the poor thing also has the cleanest face in the house!

Both Buster and Lola are being taught basic obedience by me and we will hopefully progress to off-leash and advanced obedience in the spring.  Buster loves the treadmill, Lola is going to love it because I say so :)  A good dog is a tired dog, especially is that dog is a super drama queen. 

I pray that God has blessed you all since we've talked  I pray that you're walking with Him and that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving if I don't post before then.  Although, I'm going to try to do better.  As always, blessings from the holler...

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