Friday, February 26, 2016

Now it's Speedbump!

My friends, it seems like bad news follows bad here and I'm asking for prayers for our family and our Speedbump. She is ten, so youngish old in my book for her size.  She is my beautiful girl. I think she has the eyes of a "Precious Moments"figurine.  I digress. She is sick, very sick. Her hips started being weak, then her appetite waned. So to the vets office we went.  He felt a mass at her jaw (thought it was a tooth) and also palpated a small something in/near belly,,we did an x-Ray that confirmed the belly mass but he couldn't tell if it's outside or what. Looks like it's outside, near the spleen, and its cancer (later confirmed).

Her apetite is none. So we did a week of antibiotics and the jaw gland went down considerably. Also, her teeth looked bad. So, he and I both thought,,tooth is bad. (Looks like a duck, acts like a duck, we treated her,,well you get it). Okay, dear ones, still with me? Her pre-labs showed pre-kidney failure, but just a smidge. So, I told him to go on with it. It turns out that she didn't have any bad teeth.  But during her anesthesia my dear vet did a couple x-rays (at no charge) to confirm the belly mass. So, she was sent home with chewy pain meds and an apetite stimulant. 
She has lost so much weight, I won't post a picture, you can imagine. My question is what have you fed your finicky ones? I've done, chicken broth and instant mash potatoes, canned food all kinds,   Ideas, prayers!!!  We are so grateful for The Great Physician and Creator of all comfort. And, of course we send blessings from The holler...


Cindy said...

I am so sorry for you all going through this. It NEVER gets easier! If only our pets could just go to "sleep" on their own, but it seldom happens that way.
Prayers are going out to you.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Thank you for visiting us today. We are very sorry to read about Speedbump. It is tough getting old. We hope she has some good days ahead of her.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

The Life of Riley said...

My thoughts are with you and Speedbump.

When my two Golden Retrievers aren’t don’t have their usual appetite, instead of the usual chicken and rice or minced beef and rice mix many people use, I use fish as there is always some in our freezer. Here in NZ we catch Snapper, John Dory and Gurnard… not sure what the US equivalent names are but basically white non-oily filleted fish (with no bones!). I boil a pot of water, add white rice and after about ten minutes add fish and cook till the rice is soft. Then I drain the water off (and keep for later) and feed room temperature rice and fish. Just very small amounts – a few tablespoons at a time. Later on I might add some vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, beans, peas – but NOT onions) to the rice/fish mix I cook. I use the juices I saved to soak their usual kibble (makes it soft/gives it a fish flavour) and slowly add soaked kibble to the rice/fish mix increasing the amount depending on how much they eat. My two also like small bits of smoked fish (guess it appeals to their sense of smell!!!). Our vet also says cottage cheese is a good basic protein, so sometimes I smear that around the sides of their bowl.

I hope you find something Speedbump enjoys eating.

Max Mom said...

(((big hugs))). Sending lots of love and prayers to you. Xxx