Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Morning Blessing...

This morning I was standing at the sink with my last cup of coffee looking out at the bird feeder (you didn't think I was doing dishes yet did you?) and what did I see? A male cardinal, male gold finch, and male indigo bunting! It was like God's primary color set - it was such a treat to see. Of course I didn't get their picture, but I tried. These are the birds that graced the lens.

The finches and friends...

Mr. Bluebird checking in on the wife and kids..

These Blue-jays were on the other side of the yard...

Mr. Cardinal thought I couldn't see him behind that branch. Come closer sir!

And today's mystery bird. Is this a lady indigo bunting? I don't know. Maybe I'll google it unless you know. It's a beautiful color nonetheless.

We've had some really loud storms recently and this is what happens in our house. As I try to move around and do my thing, it's like I'm the center and I and the dogs move as one. Just trying to walk through the kitchen I have the three big ones waiting to move with me.

As I sit at the computer this is what I see. Speedbump is underneath the chair. No, she doesn't fit there? Really guys? We've been through storms before.

Well, April showers certainly do bring May flowers but they also bring clingy dogs too. God bless your Easter. Blessings to you all from the holler...


Cindy said...

The colors of the birds----gorgeous! I love the bright yellow of the finches and red cardinal. That last bird is so awesome---what a different blue color. Hope you find out what it is. Oh yes, dogs hate the thunder and lightening. They find their comfort near you---just don't trip over them and hurt yourself! As always, I enjoy their pictures---such unique personalities.
Have a wonderful Easter!!!

The Life of Riley said...

It is amazing the things we see when we take time to stop and look. Thanks for sharing your birds with us all.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter.

Riley and his mum

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Great job on getting those beautiful pics of the birds. We have had a lot of storms too, but so far this week we have done pretty well. Lots of possibilities for storms over the next week. Hoping we all stay safe, including you too.

Happy Easter.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

cowgirl said...

The birds are beautiful Mrs JP!
Love your puppies too. :)
Hope you and family have a wonderful Easter!

sprinkles said...

Oh! I like your blog background!

Beautiful pix of all the birds. My parents have bird feeders too so they have birds there all the time.

We haven't had really had any storms lately but we've sure had the rain!

MAXMOM IN SA said...

Hey there Mr and Mrs JP
I'm just popping by to with you a happy and blessed Easter. It appears that you live in paradise...:)
Love all your feathered friends.
Sending lotsaluv

Paula said...

Oh, my~ thanks for the good laugh over the "clingy dogs" comment... that is so hilarious. The last storm we had I couldn't find Lily and when I finally did, she was in our walk-in closet. *hehe*
Love your colorful bird variety... I don't see many buntings around here so you are blessed to have them!