Monday, June 7, 2010

Bunny Rescue...

I was all settled in my chair with my first cup of coffee and ready to read and pray a few minutes and "get my head together." Then, it all started (as do many of my adventures) with the dogs barking their heads off at the back door. So, to regain my peaceful time I got up and let them out. I thought they were barking at the same turkey that comes by everyday and takes a dust bath right by their yard; evidently they take this as a personal insult because it's their mission to make him run away. He's not even running from them anymore, it's more of a fast stroll. Anyway, back to my story, they were aiming their attention at the sidewalk/backdoor area which is nothing new either. Probably, the cat or something. Then I noticed that the flowers look so pretty after the rain we had yesterday and thought I should go and get some pictures to show you. I grabbed the camera and slid into my crocs and out I go through the garage. As I step into the garage some movement caught my eye and when I looked I saw a little bunny trying to hop up the walls of the garage to get away!! I put the situation together pretty fast, especially since I haven't had my required amount of coffee yet. Spaceqhost has caught another rabbit only this one is freaking out in our garage! The first instinct I have is to provide a way out for little Thumper so I opened the garage door. The noise that made sent Thumper back towards me and he hid behind the dog food bags. So, I thought he'll run out when I leave so I'll just go take my pictures and he'll be gone by then. As, I walk out I see that Spaceghost has set himself up under the mower in ambush so I called the rascal to come with me, which he did.

Here's where I left Thumper. He's the little dark spot behind the yellow bag.

The flowers are lovely (I was excited to see this amaryllis), the garden is doing well (the marigolds seeded themselves last year so I'm actually having to thin them), the produce is all on track, and the peaches are hanging in there.

When I came back to the garage Thumper hadn't moved and is terrified. I can tell this because I could see he was shaking as much as my heart was pounding. So, I grabbed everything I could and made a path out of the garage (flower pots, bags of cat food, etc.), then I moved the bag where he was hiding and he ran out of there with me behind him yelling Go, Go, Go!!! HE MADE IT. He hopped to the hayfield that hasn't been cut yet and he's probably still hopping.

So, that's my morning; nothing special, lazy days in the holler. Needless to say I won't need that coffee until around noon when my adrenaline settles down. As I tell this story I realize what I must have looked like and am so thankful that we don't have neighbors that can see us. At least I was dressed for the day. I'm laughing now, but, when I was in the thick of it I was pretty intense. Go ahead, laugh! I know as JP reads this he's shaking his head and picturing his crazy wife and her adventures!


Carmen C. said...

Glad little "thumper" got out:) We have 2 house rabbits and my German shepherd just watches over them, LOL, of course she has been raised with bunnies in the house, the wild ones outside she likes to chase;)

YD, sometimes with ♥Samantha and ♥June said...

Never a dull moment is there?
Glad that Thumper got out and unhurt.

About rhubarb, I have never had rhubarb either! Not even strawyberry rhubarb pie! But now I have. I ate a piece of rhubarb raw and it's really sour. The butter tasted like apple sauce with ginger taste and I don't think I taste the rhubarb at all. Maybe it just gives it the tang.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Poor little bunny. He must have had a heart attack.

cowgirl said...

Way to go! So glad you were able to save Thumper.
Also.. beautiful flowers! :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Okay, I can see this happening in my mind! *giggle*
Things like this always happen in the morning, unfortunately for me, I usually still have my pajamas on. We had cows running through our yard one morning about three months ago... and I was out on the 4wheeler running them away from the sheep lot still in my pj's with little coffee cups that say "caffeine junkie" on them... (no bra either-didn't have time to strap that baby on....) I was really stylin' it and wouldn't you know, the county animal control officer saw me and STOPPED TO HELP.... I thought I would die.

Cindy said...

A happy ending is so nice! So good of you to go the extra mile to get the bunny out safely. You flowers are beautiful and the garden has really come along. Isn't the lush green wonderful this time of the year? It sure seems to me that it's a hoot living in the holler! Your little adventures bring a smile to my face.

Sierra Rose said...

Go bunny go! Must have been quite a scene there, especially without that full cup of morning java :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Scout 'n Freyja said...

I am so happy that the little guy made it to safely! I like happy endings!

Lena said...

Awwww....poor little bunny! I'm happy to that he made it out safely. Thank you for helping him do just that!
:-)Your garden looks wonderful! What are you making with all the peaches?

Deborah said...

OH, that is so funny! That was so nice that you helped the bunny! I love bunnies!
Your flowers are beautiful!
Have a nice day!

Christa said...

Hello Mrs. JP,
It's so nice to meet you too. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I'm so glad you're going to try peppermint sweet tea, it's so refreshing. Will you try it with honey?
I do have a cherry pitter (stoner) but I couldn't use it on the cherries you saw in my post. They were to small and delicate so I used a toothpick to pluck out the pits and my daughters used straws. It was a great time of fellowship for us. :)
I look forward to visiting your blog.