Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Fair is coming to town...

As a kid here in this farming community I always got excited this time of year. Next week is the County Fair! The schools even take next Friday off for kids day. How cool is that? Not only is the fair in town but school is closed too. Is it any wonder every kid in this county loves the fair? I've never entered anything in the fair but I think this year I will. I've got peach jam, blackberry jelly, elderberry jelly, and rose petal jelly. The elderberry and rose petal jelly would be in the same category (misc.) so I have to choose which one! Yikes. They are both really good in taste and quality. Which one should we enter?
There is a dog and pet show on Saturday morning. We have dogs. I could enter Charlie as most goofy, Violet as most shy and best stretcher, and Scrappy as best sleeper and fastest flight risk!

Besides rides and fair food there are the exhibits: photography, honey making, quilting, canning, baking, sheep, poultry, cattle, rabbits, and the hog-a-rama just to name a few. The grand finale is the Mule Race with it's different classes:

Coon Jump—One person, one mule. The person guides the mule over a stick. The mule that jumps over the highest stick wins.

Mule Race—One person, one mule. The riders will race three laps around the ring.

Rescue Race—Two people, one mule. One person stands at the end of the show ring. The second person rides the mule to the first person who then jumps on the mule and they race back.

Three Legged Race—Two people, one mule. One person goes to the end of the show ring with a potato sack. The other person rides the mule to the end of the show ring and gets down. The two people put one leg each into the sack and lead the mule back to the starting point.

Fan Belt Race—Two people, two mules. Each person holds one end of the fan belt and sits on their mule. The pair tries to go around the show ring without letting go or breaking the fan belt.

Back to Back Race—Two people, one mule. Two people start the race sitting on the mule back to back. While riding around the show ring the two people must exchange places.

Bat in Bucket Race—One person, one mule. A bat is placed in a bucket half-way around the track. The rider rides to the bucket, gets off mule, places his head on the end of bat and goes around the bucket ten times. He returns to mule and rides to the finish line.

Musical Chairs—One person, one mule. When music is playing, all mules must be moving. When music stops, participant must have hold of mule’s reins while sitting in chair.

Now that's entertainment folks! Who makes up these races? Where did they get their ideas? I don't know but I bet it's as funny as it sounds. We'll keep you posted on our County Fair adventures. JP is such a great hubby, patient and kind, would do anything for me. I've got to start buttering him up so he'll tromp along with me. As always, blessings from the holler to you all.


YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Sounds like fun! Hmmm, it's a tough pick but I think I'll pick rose petal jelly for the entry.
Can't wait to read about your County Fair adventures!

Sierra Rose said...

Sounds really fun!!! Mom's vote is for the rose petal jelly....just sounds like bath-time or something relaxing....(mom's not stressed or anything...just thinking with smells....)
Hope the doggies are able to attend and be in the fair!
Have a really nice time!!!!! Let us know what you enter.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Lena said...

Oh how fun!!! Yes, Charlie is indeed goofiest dog. But I love him and he is SO pretty.
I vote for the rose petal jelly as well - please, please, please bring your camera and get some of those mule back to back races. :-)