Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clean pups...

Yesterday I declared bath day all around.
Corrie hates it because she has issues from when she had to be treated for mange as a pup. She and Violet both had to be dipped in something that smelled like kerosene and it probably stung their skin so there's extra grace and patience for them. Charlie really didn't know what was going on and didn't care. To him, any attention is good attention. Daisy and Speedbump will actually climb in the tub on their own (my back thanks them.) They know the drill by now. That just leaves Scrappie who gets the most baths of any of the others combined since it is her life's mission to smell like something dead. None of the others have this nasty habit but to Scrappie it is an art. Actually, she got another bath this morning because she'd rolled in something dead. I walk out in their yard and usually can't find anything; she's a piece of work.
I had intentions of taking pictures as I went along but gave up that idea. We can't afford a new camera and I was sure I'd get it wet. So here's poor little Corrie.

Guess who this bucket head is!
Then there's the whole bathroom and me to clean up. The dogs might fuss a bit but they sure get into some serious naps after their bath.
The only one I didn't get a picture of is Daisy darlin'. Oh well, she was there too.


Farm Chick Paula said...

*LOL* I get that way around here sometimes, too... everything and everybody starts to smell and I think- "I have GOT to do something... BATHTIME!"
(That word makes Smokey dissappear for a couple of hours. LOL)

YD said...

Oh boy bath time! How long does it normally take you to give all of them a bath? It takes about 1.5hr or more for me because by the time I'm done with the dogs, I usually will clean the bathtub and the bathroom and then take a shower myself.
Funny you posted about bathtime today because I'll be(actually the dogs will) posting about their bathtime as well this Friday.

Lena said...

Yeay Bathtime! Charlie cracks me up. Is he really such a goofball? I love goofballs.
Luckily because of Kane's raw diet, and because he stays indoor mostly, he really doesn't need that many baths unless he gets into something. I usually give him a bath or two in the summer when I can do it outside. It's safer and a lot less cleanup!!! He does get brushed A LOT. The Furminator is my friend.

Mrs. JP said...

YD it takes 2 hrs. for bath time + 30 min. to clean up the bathroom...and then there's me to clean up. I allow 3-4 hrs. It's a big deal.

Lena, Charlie is a gooberhead! His nickname is BD for big dummy. He's smart but in a pupish way (he's 14 mos so still pupish.) Charlie and Daisy both are fur machines! I tell them their like dead Christmas trees. :O) We don't have to do the bath thing around here very often unless there's an incident.