Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Weeds in Tennessee!

 God has blessed us with the most beautiful and amazing array of “weeds”. Last year I changed my mind about them. They are beautiful even helpful if you know which ones are the good ones for you and how to use them.  I have a free app on my phone that identifies them for me so that helps. I made a salve that helps with poison ivy itching ( thanks be to God)  I have begun to think that we lost so much knowledge about the earth and what it provides us naturally  I know that our forefathers and mothers had to make medicine from something!  So, I bought a reputable book and am dipping my toes into what I can find to help myself on our property.  Think of that!, I started with the salve which is a wonderful thing and goldenrods that I dried for tea for my sinuses  it does help! 

At any rate, today on my hike to the mailbox I found these teeny tiny lil buggers. I would say that the flowers are maybe 1/4 inch across but they’re everywhere! My app calls them Blue field madder😀❤️

This white flower is called Garden star-of- Bethlehem. If you look closely there are those tiny purple flowers just below. Anyway I hope you’re enjoying your weeds. Now, there is something out there making me itch all over, except the soles of my feet,haha. I’ll be happy whenever that particular lovely gets ta gettin’
As always blessing to you all from the holler,,,,Enjoy the weeds! :)

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